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May 18, 2021

Marian Munteanu has announced his candidacy to the elections in December: ANR’s goal is to be present in Parliament

Marian Munteanu, the President of the Our Alliance Romania (Alianta Noastra Romania – ANR) announced on Monday his candidacy for the elections in December, at the campaign tent opened at the University fountain. He stated that the main ANR’s goal is to enter the Parliament and that this political formation will come with a strong set of candidates, to provide an alternative” which is solid and reliable compared to the current political class.

“I will personally start the action for Bucharest in this place. (…) I will candidate in this city, I will be present here, in this place, together with our colleagues and fellows, to meet them and to discuss, to find together the best solutions, and I want assure everybody that, if all of them banded together against me six months ago, during the campaign for thigh e City Hall, this time they don’t have any chance”, Marian Munteanu stated according to Agerpres.

He added that ANR’s goal is to be resent in Parliament, in a high enough number to represent a powerful voice.

“Our goal is to be present in Parliament, in a high enough number to represent a powerful voice, to stop the sale of the land to foreigners, the deforestations, the robbery and to be able to intervene in the amendment of the Constitution, in order to prevent things that could put in danger the Romanian identity and the Christian values”, Munteanu said.

ANR leader also stated that he hopes to achieve 8 to 12 percent in this elections: “I appreciate a percent from 8 to 10, 11, maybe 12. It’s a brand new party”.

In this context, he said that ANR rejects the “propaganda” related to certain surveys throwing “false” figures on the market, as well as the one related to “the so-called nationalist current”.

“We are rejecting the propaganda made by all kind of disinformation means related to certain surveys that throw false figures on the market. (…) I am rejecting the propaganda related to a so-called nationalist, extremist current and so on. ANR is a patriotic movement, like other movements of this kind existing everywhere in the civilized world. Romania’s big problem is the systematic theft, the lie and the deceit. From fund leakages, from rubbing the Romanian state budget through all kind of intermediaries, through all kind of interventions, more or less covered by politicians, through wrong policies of exploiting all the people”, he stated.

As for gathering signatures, he said that over 110,000 signatures have been gathered until now.

“After the last evening’s assessment, a little more than 110,000 signatures have been gathered, we wish to gather more. I want to point out this trick introduced by the politicians from the big parties, who stipulated, as they are used to, that in order to be able to submit lists with candidates for Diaspora, you have to submit the signatures until October 12, although they announced that the deadline for the signatures is October 27. This obviously favors the big parties, which have structures all over the territory”, Munteanu added.


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