Kovesi accuses a campaign of harassment and discrediting against DNA: There were paid contingent fees

*Sebastian Ghita: “If you enter the bran, pigs will eat you”


National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief-Prosecutor stated on Wednesday that in the last period of time there is a campaign of harassment and discrediting against the institution, claiming that large amounts of money and contingent fees were paid for it; the statements are subsequent to Victor Ponta’s statement according to which he saw her at the Sebastian Ghita’s wine cellar.

“There are extremely aggressive attacks in the last period of time against DNA, from the persons we investigate. These attacks are meant to intimidate prosecutors, but there’s also an aggressive campaign, since large amount of money and contingent fees were paid to discredit DNA. There are harassment campaigns against DNA prosecutors”, Laura Codruta Kovesi stated at the headquarters of the Superior Counsil of Magistracy (CSM), where she went to support a prosecutor investigated by CSM.

The statement were an answer to the one that the former PM Victor Ponta made at a TV channel, saying that he met Kovesi in 2011 at a wine cellar that belonged to Sebastian Ghita.

Sebastian Ghita filed a self-denunciation at the Prosecutor General stating that he and other state dignitaries participated in 2012 in skewing the report of the technical committee that analyzed Laura Codruta Kovesi’s PhD thesis. After the denunciation was filed, Ghita stated he broke the law because he was a friend of the current DNA Chief-Prosecutor.

“I was not, I am not and I will not be a friend of the defendant Ghita Sebastian”, replied the DNA Chief-Prosecutor.

West University of Timisoara announced that it started at the end of last week, procedures in order to clarify the situation related to the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi’s PhD thesis. The institution received on Monday the viewpoint of the Doctoral School of Law and asked additional information which expects in the coming days.

“The Group for Reform and University Alternative” Association (GRAUR) Cluj-Napoca announced on Monday that it sent to the institutions in charge a request for an investigation in Codruta Kovesi’s case; the NGO claims that following the thesis’ analysis, 11 situations of plagiarism were discovered.

MP Sebastian Ghita stated at the headquarter of the Supreme Court, that the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi “has to get used to the idea that if you enter the bran, pigs will eat you”, making these statements after Kovesi said that there were paid money to denigrate the institution.

“Maybe other companies were hired too. Mrs. Kovesi has to get used to this. By entering the political field and making political statements and expressing her opinion, she has to get used to the idea that if you enter the bran, pigs will eat you”, Sebastian Ghita stated at the headquarters of the Supreme Court.

The MP’s statement came after Laura Codruta Kovesi stated on Wednesday that amounts of money and contingent fees were paid for campaigns of discrediting DNA.

MP Sebastian Ghita claimed that the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi “is playing in Iohannis’ team”, and that the Romanian President “should think about how fast people are accused in Romania”.

“I saw her (e.n. – Laura Codruta Kovesi) mentioning that we are in electoral campaign, and seeing her so judgmental and present, she has to play somewhere. It’s obvious that she is Mr. Iohannis’ team. We also have Mr. Ciolos, whom he intends to appoint as the Prime-Minister. (…) I believe these anti-national policies of Mr. Ciolos will not be accepted in the next Parliament. (…) The President, from his position, should think and relate to the law as the other institutions. He should think about how fast and how much people are accused in Romania, from morning to evening. If things will continue to go this way, Mr. Iohannis will not be able to appoint any Romanian citizen as a Prime-Minister in his mandate”, Sebastian Ghita stated.

The deputy also spoke about the evidences filed in the case of incitement to forgery, opened after his denunciation.

“I don’t have evidences against her, I was speaking about me. I know my actions, my deeds. I submitted to the Prosecutor General Professor Mateut’s statement from 2012, given by Mediafax, in which he stated that he attended at that technical committee and that he signed for Mrs. Kovesi. (…) It’s important for prosecutors to have an evidence that the committee existed, that it included technical experts, and that they publically admitted this thing. It seems to me a solid and strong evidence. (…) I met those people and they can be asked. I went to Cluj by that aircraft and the airport has records, tickets were issued. Yes, I met Mr. Mateut. I don’t think Mr. Ponta will hide the truth. I certainly count on his testimony”.


“There are several precautionary measures in the Microsoft case, the damage will be easily recovered”


DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi stated on Wednesday that in the Microsoft case there are several precautionary measures and the damage will be “very easily recovered”

“I cannot make comments on the final decision, but the important thing is that by the Court’s decision, it was ordered the confiscation of the amount of EUR 17 million from the sentenced defendants. It’s important to recall that in this case, since the criminal prosecution stage, precautionary measures were decided, 25 lands, real estates and buildings, approx. five apartments and several goods that can be executed, were made unavailable. From this moment, the responsibility of recovering the damage belongs to the Finance Ministry through its specialized structure. I hope it will be recovered, it’s a very important damage on which the Court has decided. There are very many precautionary measures in this file, so it should be easy to be recovered, from our point of view”, Kovesi stated at CSM, being asked about the Supreme Court’s decision in the Microsoft case.


The Microsoft 2 case: Prosecutors are checking the financial circuits


The Head of DNA, Laura Codruta Kovesi, stated on Wednesday, at the CSM headquarters, that DNA performed more than 60 house searches in the file severed from the Microsoft file, in which the financial circuit of the money used in financing the PDL’s electoral campaigns in 2008 and 2009; over 120 computer searches on storage media were completed, mainly related to computers and other IT devices, dozens of people were heard, relevant documents for the case (e.n. – the file severed from the Microsoft file) were picked up from the institutions that held them.

“In this moment, we are assessing these documents to determine the financial circuits that were used. It’s important for you to know that to perform the certain establishment of the damage, one of the main accusations is related to the offense of abuse of office, and to be able to prove this offense and to finalize the indictment or another solution which can be given during the criminal trial, we have to establish a certain damage. This will be established by a finding agreement or by an expertise in the field of the public procurements, and IT expertise reports are also required. So we work rhythmically”, stated Laura Codruta Kovesi at the CSM headquarters.

She also spoke about her PhD thesis: “4 years ago, I obtained a final decision on my PhD thesis. I made public the evidences which I brought at that moment”.

Regarding the DIPI file, the Head of DNA said that it is “in preliminary chamber. This file doesn’t target secret operations and undercover officers. The object of this file is the manner in which public money were spent in DIPI’s activity”.


President Iohannis: I discussed with Kovesi alleged plagiarism; General Prosecutor’s Office must solve case fast


President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that he discussed with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor-in-chief Laura Codruta Kovesi about the alleged plagiarism in the case of her doctor’s degree thesis, showing that he does not have reasons of concern and that the General Prosecutor’s Office must solve this case very fast.

“I have discussed briefly with Mrs Kovesi, however I don’t believe there is anything special to communicate here. I asked her how she sees those accusations, she reiterated that she does not feel guilty of anything and then I left quite clarified with this discussion,” the head of state said.

He pointed out that the General Prosecutor’s Office must solve this case very fast.

“In this matter I had a talk with the Prosecutor General whom I asked, in virtue of his capacity, to take care that this investigation be done with celerity,” Iohannis underscored.



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