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May 23, 2022

MAI started the bidding process for approx. 100,000 stamps with the mention “Voted”

Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI) published on the Public Procurements Electronic System (SEAP) the announcement regarding the open tender for the purchase of stamps with the mention “Voted” for the parliamentary elections of 2016; from 92,000 to 100,000 stamps with an estimated value of up to RON 416,666 are going to be purchased.

Bids for the stamps to be used in elections will have to be submitted at the latest on October 20, at the headquarters of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

According to the announcement, the estimated value, without VAT, is between RON 383,333.33 and RN 416,666.67; a number of 92,000 to 100,000 stamps will be purchased. Thus, the highest price which the Internal Affairs Ministry can offer for a stamp is RON 4.528 without VAT.

The framework agreement, which will be valid for two months, can be divided in subsequent agreements for at least 2,000 and maximum 92,000 stamps.

MAI’s budget for organizing the elections is approx. RON 186 million, of which RON 134.6 million are allocated to the prefectures for the corresponding procurements, such as printing ballots and arranging polling stations.

Parliamentary elections will take place on December 11 and the electoral campaign will be held from November 11 to December 10.


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