World Teacher’s Day celebrated in Romania

The World Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5 October. On that occasion, Education Minister, President Iohannis, Prime Minister Ciolos and the Ombudsman congratulated the teachers and praised their significant role  in the society.


EduMin Dumitru: We all have teachers who have opened our mind and world


Education Minister Mircea Dumitru on Wednesday sent a message on World Teacher’s Day in which he thanks the teaching staff for involvement, for each training hour and for everything they do for the Romanian pupils and students and assures them he is making all the efforts for the social statute of the educator to be the one they deserve.

“I know that the educator’s social statute isn’t the one we wish for. I know many of you deserve a lot more and I will make all my best for all this change to begin its course. I thank you for each moment of devotion and involvement, for each hour of training, for each thing you have done for the Romanian pupils and students,” the minister wrote on Facebook.

He says that for each of us there are teachers who have opened our mind and world. “The truth is that for each of us there are educators, who have opened our mind and world. These people are special, they have also fuelled our dream, helping us to make it come true. Through their effort we have become what we are today,” Mircea Dumitru underscored.

The Education Minister urges teachers to be always serving “the future, pupils and students.”

“It is a privilege to be the man of so many children’s and youth’s becoming. This privilege we have, those in the wide education area, comes together with a great resposibility: to make the school classes the most beautiful adventure of knowledge and development, We must always be serving the future, be in the heart of our pupils and students. They need us to be right, empathic and optimistic, to thus make them find their own sense of existence, to discover themselves. Our devotion has held and holds the key to the destiny of those who are part of this nation,” the Education Minister also wrote.


PM Ciolos: Being a teacher isn’t just a job, but a vocation and great responsibility to pupils


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Wednesday sent a message on the occasion of the World Teacher’s Day in which he underscores that being a teacher involves a great responsibility and urges to acknowledgement and respect for the teaching staff.

“Because being a teacher isn’t just a job, it is a vocation and a great responsibility towards the children and youth one educates. The role of education must remain fundamental in our society to grow and develop as a nation, by supporting education as a priority in the public policies,” Ciolos wrote on his Facebook page.

The Prime Minister believes that in everyone’s life there has been a devoted teacher who left his/her mark on the personal training.

“For each one of us there is at least one teacher who inspired us, encouraged us and set the foundations of the individual knowledge and conscience, leaving a mark on our training. They can be primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, teaching staff in the higher education, but we have certainly met this devoted teacher. Today it is a good occasion to think about them with gratitude and thank them for the role they had in our personal and professional definition. (…) Many happy returns of the day, teacher!,” the PM also wrote.


President Iohannis to teachers: I want Educated Romania to restore respect and recognition that teachers deserve


President Klaus Iohannis wrote, on Wednesday, a message for the teachers, in which he communicates that the “Educated Romania” project aims to restore the respect and the recognition which the teacher profession deserves.

“Many happy returns of the day, dear teachers! The results of your work can’t be seen immediately, for they cumulate in the development of each child and each generation that passes through school. I want to thank you for your commitment in regards to continuing to teach and guide the destinies of million pupils. I want “Educated Romania” project to be the step which will restore to the teaching profession the respect and the recognition it deserves,” Iohannis wrote on his Facebook page.


Ombudsman: Education must be priority zero, focus point of society


Education leads to the preservation of the cultural and moral heritage of a society, and the society of our days requests, more than ever, human creative intelligence and capacity, Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea states in a press release sent to Agerpres on Wednesday, due to the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day.

According to him, the World Teachers’ Day highlights the recognition towards the teachers merit in forming generations, culture, social values and honour, at the same time, the school, the education value and its role in the development of each individual.

“Education must be priority zero, the focus point of a society, which leads to the preservation of the cultural and moral heritage, to the development of some new ways of solidarity and a way of living together, which increases the human dignity and the durable peace, giving us a new identity, particularize us and contributes to the formation of a genuine and certain value. Our current society requests, more than ever, human creative intelligence and capacity”, Ciorbea states.

In his opinion, the state institutions must find solutions so all the children have equal chances to learn and be successful in life and teachers be given the necessary support.



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