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May 17, 2021

PM Dacian Ciolos: I’m not running. I hope there’s life after parliamentary elections too, hopefully an active one

Intensely courted by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) lately, Premier Dacian Ciolos came up on Thursday with more clarifications in what concerns his potential candidacy in the parliamentary elections. The Premier stated on Thursday that he will not run in the parliamentary elections this year, after Klaus Iohannis asked him to express his sympathy for a political party.

Premier Dacian Ciolos reiterated on Thursday that at the start of his tenure he took the commitment not to join or establish a political party, adding that this means there is life after the parliamentary elections and expressing his hope that it will be an “active” one.

“Stability does not mean stagnation too. In this fairly volatile regional context and from a political and economic standpoint, in Romania we need signs of stability, precisely in order to offer outlook and development, even more so signs of stability during an elections year. Of stability, balance and objectivity, as much of it as possible when you are forced to take decisions, to settle [issues] in order to be able to move forward,” the Head of Government said in the speech he gave at an event organised by the Aspen Institute.

He reiterated that he took the commitment to be Romania’s Prime Minister “this year and this tenure precisely in order to strengthen this objective I adopted – stability, balance, objectivity.”

“I actually said I won’t be running in the parliamentary elections this year and I won’t join or establish a political party, precisely in order to be able to focus my energy, my credibility – as much of it as I have -, on a project which, despite being a short-term one, would impart the direction of this stability and would be able to push things forward using all of the positive, constructive, pro-active forces that want to support and get involved in these projects. Of course, this doesn’t mean there is no life after parliamentary elections. I hope there is and I hope it will be an active life,” Ciolos emphasised.

Last week, President Klaus Iohannis stated that he personally believes Dacian Ciolos should continue his projects but in that case he should at least declare “his sympathy, adhesion to or preference for” the political party with which he could collaborate in the future, after the parliamentary elections.


“This is a key moment when traditional parties can reform”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Thursday that this is the moment when traditional parties have an opportunity to undergo deep reforms, particularly as far as their relating with the citizens is concerned.

“This is a key moment when the traditional parties have an opportunity to undergo more than just cosmetic reform to draw electoral benefits, but thorough reforms, in their essence and their addressing the functioning of the state, relating with the citizens and economic development policies. And I believe that we need more than just new faces; we need another way of politically addressing the citizens. At least personally I feel people need much honesty and frankness. I do not think the problem when you want to shoot from the hoops is shooting straight, but the sincerity and honesty in telling them and then the ways in which you reflect afterwards what you do and what you are,” Ciolos said in a speech to the Bucharest Forum 2016.

He said that beyond the specific functioning of the political parties and their need for being funded one way or another to secure continuity for their local organisations, the parties need solutions that will bring them closer to the citizens.

“I believe that more than anywhere else in Europe, it is not too late for parties in Romania to undergo such reform, precisely because there are still no profoundly populist or extremist parties in the country, despite signs with some of them. As far as I am concerned, Romania’s resilience as a state and development power in the years to come will very much depend on how we address such reform in politics,” said Ciolos.


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