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October 4, 2022

Education Minister Mircea Dumitru: “I was not member of secret police, did not collaborate with the Securitate”

Education Minister Mircea Dumitru has categorically rejected the allegations published on Tuesday by the press, according to which he was a Securitate collaborator, stating that he was verified by the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives (CSAS) several years ago, the verdict being that he did not collaborate with and was not a member of the secret police.

Education Minister Mircea Dumitru signed a pledge with the Securitate at the time when he was a Faculty of Philosophy student, in 1980, receiving the code name “Negulescu,” Adevarul and Evenimentul Zilei dailies wrote. CNSAS representatives confirmed on Tuesday that verifications are being carried out.


CNSAS communique


Following the information published today, October 4, regarding Education Minister Mircea Dumitru’s relationship with the former Securitate, we hereby point out the following:

  • On July 7, 2007, the CNSAS College adopted, in line with the law in force at that time (law no.187/1999), Decision no.2175, which established that Mr. Mircea Dumitru was not a member of/did not collaborate with the communist secret police. He was verified in virtue of his capacity as dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, at the request of the Civic Media Association.
  • At this moment, the vetting of Romanian Government members is ongoing, and at the end of the process the CNSAS will publish its conclusions, including in what concerns Mr. Mircea Dumitru.

Mircea Dumitru: I will sue those who made libellous statements about me

Education Minister Mircea Dumitru announced on Tuesday that he will sue those who made “libellous” statements according to which he collaborated with the Securitate.

“At this moment I am asking CNSAS to come up with a clear, public point of view that would show what this institution’s stance is in what concerns my status. Likewise, because what has happened now is a gross mystification, a lie, but not just any lie, it’s calumny, I take the liberty to sue those who made these libellous public statements about me. I don’t believe the fact that this is happening right now is a pure coincidence. When I took over this tenure, three months ago, I took the commitment to fight for certain clear principles – the main one being that of defending integrity,” the minister said at a press conference.

He stated he will continue what he started when he took over his office and said he is not intimidated by this scandal.

“Consequently, what I have already done and what I plan on doing next has certainly unsettled many in this country and I assure you it will continue to do so because what they have done now cannot break my will to try to build a cleaner, better, more transparent public system for us all. (…) It’s not a coincidence. Such a document appears right when I publicly announced we will assess all doctoral schools in Romania and we will start precisely with those schools that produced plagiarised theses, doctoral schools which don’t want to take moral responsibility for this problem either; there is definitely a certain connection which is not coincidental. I cannot say right now that a certain person or a certain institution seeks to intimidate me,” the minister emphasised.

Asked whether this situation also comes against the backdrop in which the competition for school principals is being prepared, Mircea Dumitru said: “Very likely, because there were vehement reactions, and in the cases in which there were no very clear reactions against organising the competitions there were clear actions of sabotage, and these things, again, probably unsettled very many who would have liked to continue holding the Romanian school hostage and to lead it, to govern it through methods that have nothing to do with public policy principles.”


The Education Minister once again rejected any accusations concerning his possible collaboration with the Securitate


“I reject any kind of accusation that I allegedly collaborated in any form with the Securitate. I was not a member of the Securitate, I was not a collaborator of the Securitate, I did not engage in political police. I want to make myself very well understood: I never had contacts with the Securitate during the communist regime. Likewise, I did not sign any pledge. The documents published in the press from that case file are not written by me,” the minister said.

He pointed out that in 2007 he had a talk with CNSAS members, on which occasion he gave them a handwritten document in order for the handwriting to be analysed.

“That discussion took place because the press had asked for the verification of several members of the civil society, from the Social Dialogue Group, and of the academic world. Following the verifications carried out at that time, I was asked to have a discussion with the members of the CNSAS College. I also gave them a handwritten document, so that they could carry out an analysis of the handwriting. The result of that analysis was the one which the press already presented today and which is published on the University of Bucharest website. It’s my personal file from the University of Bucharest, it’s a decision issued by the CNSAS in 2007, a decision that clearly says I was not an agent, a collaborator of the communist secret police,” Dumitru explained.

Education Ministry Spokesperson Mirabela Amarandei emphasised at a press conference that CNSAS is verifying, “ex officio,” all members of the Government.

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