USR presented its political program

Save Romania Union (USR) presented on Wednesday the party’s political program. Nicusor Dan, the USR President, together with Clotilde Armand and Cossete Chichirau have presented the party’s nine-point program. USR aims at total transparency, modern industry, supporting the small farmers’ agriculture, the educational reform, new regulations in the culture field, increased funding in the Health system, a faster transport, new energy and environmental policies, strengthening relations with EU, NATO, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as well as entering into Schengen.

Regarding the total transparency, USR proposes a reform of public procurements which legalizes the standardization of the prices for which public authorities can procure goods and services for current use, as well as the strict application of a “black list” including the companies and their shareholders who have already defrauded the state.

USR also wishes to cancel the special pensions, to support Justice’s activity and to change the electoral system.

At the same time, USR supports the de-bureaucratization of the public institutions.

“The unique grid of salaries in the public systems needs to be approved together with a general assessment of the public administration, considering the criteria of the performant administrative management: the fair definition of the institutions’ role and goal, the decrease of the number of contradictory or redundant institutions, the level of fulfilling the institutional objectives until today, the periodical assessment of the directorates considering the regulations of organization and functioning of the institutions on of the public officers according to the job description”, is stated in the USR program.

Moreover, Nicusor Dan’s party wants to reform the access to information, so that the state institutions will have to “constantly make public information corresponding to their functioning in a structured electronic format”.

Regarding Romania’s Foreign Policy, USR pleads for Romania’s entry into the Schengen space, for strengthening its role within EU and NATO, for resetting the relationships with Ukraine and supporting Republic of Moldova to remove oligarchy by voting the law regarding Romanian Agency for Development Assistance (RoAid) and creating the fund “Libertatea” within RoAid.


Nicusor Dan about Dacian Ciolos: parties having “the same development idea” with the PM should support him


USR President Nicusor Dan stated on Wednesday that parties having “the same development idea” with the PM Dacian Ciolos should support him with statements in the electoral campaign to get the PM seat after elections in December.

I believe Mr. Ciolos benefits from an important trust among people. I believe many Romanians saw in him a hope of change and by this, many Romanian people expect him to continue to lead the Government, so I think the logical evolution of things is that Mr. Ciolos should continue his projects and certain parties having the same development idea for Romania should support him with statements in the electoral campaign, to help him get the PM seat after elections.

I believe that otherwise is not a feasible solution, Mr. Ciolos also said this; he undertook to govern in this limited period and I think it wouldn’t be appropriate”, said Dan at a press conference dedicated to presenting the USR’s political program, taken by Agerpres.


Survey: USR on the 3rd place


The Social Democrat Party is on the first place in the voters’ preferences, followed by the National liberal Party and by Save Romania Union, according to a survey conducted by the Political Rating Agency and ordered by PNL.

According to the data of the research, if next Sunday parliamentary elections would take place, 38% of the respondents would vote for PSD, 30% — PNL, 9% — USR, 5,5% — ALDE, 5% — UDMR and 4% — PMP.

At the question with free answer “Who do you wish to be Romania’s PM after the parliamentary elections in December?”, the highest percentage belonged to Victor Ponta – 23%, followed by Daciian Ciolos – 22%, and Calin Popescu Tariceanu – 6%. Most of the subjects – 33% – didn’t wish to answer this question or answered that they don’t know.


About attacks on Kovesi: It’s an attack on the national security


USR President Nicusor Dan stated that the most recent attacks of the politicians on the DNA Chief-Prosecutor are actually “an attack on the national security” and drew attention that these attacks will be an important topic in the electoral campaign, according to News.ro.

“Apparently it’s an attack against a specific person, but it’s actually an attack against an institution. This institutions solves the corruption issue. All of us agree that it’s a matter of national security, so in fact it’s an attack on the national security conducted by some parties pretending that they speak to the national spirit, that they keep the national spirit and a lot of other beautiful words”, said Nicusor Dan, asked about his opinion on the recent attacks of some politicians against Kovesi.

Nicusor Dan also said that, from his point of view, the attacks on Justice will represent a topic in the electoral campaign.

“It will be, in my opinion, one of the important topics of this electoral campaign. The fight betweena state where Justice works and a coalition of the criminals wishing these things to be stopped”, Nicusor Dan added.

The USR leader also said that he want all the PhD theses to became public and to exist an independent institution to analyze them.

“Regarding the plagiarism phenomenon in the higher education, we support the functioning of an independent institution, which appears to be this Council now. We want all the PhD theses to be public, which is not happening at this moment, (…). We wish to have an institution in which all of us can trust, to analyze all the PhD theses. From the scientific point of view, it’s not so simple to tell if a PhD thesis is a plagiarism or not”, stated Nicusor Dan.

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