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January 26, 2022

Alevia registers an annual increase in turnover by approx 20% . The company aims to reach EUR 10 million by 2021

Alevia, the Romanian company specialized in producing dietary supplements and teas, registers a 20 percent increase in turnover for the first 8 months in 2016, compared to 2015. Thus, the company maintain its upward trend registered in its activity, reaching a monthly turnover of EUR 450,000, by 30 percent more in August, compared to august, 2015, and by 45 percent compared to August 2014.

By 2021, the company aims to reach a turnover of EUR 10 million, based on doubling the production space following an investment of EUR 1 million and allotting a marketing and promotion budget of EUR 400,000-500,000 per year.

The company’s development reflects the level of the working space. The year of 2016 represents the opportunity of expanding the Alevia unit after purchasing a hall with a total area of approx. 2000 sq. m., with a total investment estimated to EUR 1 million. The hall will host the warehouse, the tea production and new production lines. Following the expansion, the surface of the warehouse will grow from 170 sq. m. to 600 sq. m. and it will be organized by three levels, while the tea department will be extended from 150 sq. m. to 500 sq. m. Regarding the new production lines, they will consist in three new ranges, each range having at least 25 products, and the investment is estimated at EUR 500,000. The new investments involves an increase by 15 percent of the number of employees, since finalizing the hall we will reach a total number of 211 employees and we’ll purchase new equipment designed to double the production capacity. The entire expansion process is estimated to las one year and a half.

For the next two years, Alevia’s development objectives aim to maintain a growing trend of sales between 15 and 20 percent per year, as well as entering 7 new markets by launching 150 dedicated products. The high quality at affordable prices and the responsibility assumed towards the employees and society also represent the company’s priorities. Alevia provide its employees with permanent development opportunities, rewarding them for performance and loyalty. Also, it supports community’s development through the social responsibility program which is already traditional, by which it provides dietary supplements and teas to the elderly and children centers.

“Harmony, balance and empathy are the pillars on which Alevia relies. These values are inspired by Bucovinam the land where the brand was born and that taught us to respect nature and its gifts. Nature provides the answer for health, and we, at Alevia, have learned how to use nature’s help and to offer it to everybody through dietary supplements and teas we produce. We have assumed the responsibility to offer more than a product, we wish to encourage people to know the power of the plants and thus to live a better life. It can’t be about half measures when we’re talking about Alevia products and, as our motto says – What deserves to be done, deserves to be well done (Nicolas Poussin) – our products can only be high quality products at an affordable price, which provided us a place in the people’s top preferences” stated Dr. Florin Mitocaru, Alevia General Manager.


Manifest for quality extract


Alevia’s mission for the importance of the quality of the plant extract in producing dietary supplements is completed by the most recent manifest campaign launched by the Romanian brand. Having three components – TV, online and print, the allotted promotion budget is of EUR 600,000. The campaign aims to raise awareness of both the consumers and the other producers to the need of bringing only high quality plant extracts in the dietary supplements.

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