French Embassy presents Legion of Honour distinction to Romania’s former ForMin Aurescu

Romania’s former Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu has been awarded a Legion of Honour in rank of Chevalier distinction by France’s President Francois Hollande, which was presented to him by French ambassador in Bucharest Francois Saint-Paul.

”Mr Aurescu, your competence and integrity at the service of Romania’s foreign policy are unanimously acknowledged. You are undoubtedly one of the key observers and players on the European and world stages,” Saint-Paul is quoted as saying in a press statement released by the French Embassy.

Aurescu is quoted as saying in his turn that he accepts the distinction in recognition of the pertinacious efforts of his colleagues at the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) to make relations between France and Romania solid and dynamic.

“I am gladly accepting this distinction as a token of well-deserved recognition not of me, but of the pertinacious efforts of all my colleagues at the Romanian Foreign Ministry who incessantly worked for years on relations between France and Romania becoming as substantive, solid and dynamic as they are today (…). I’ve tried my best in all the offices I’ve held to boost this relationship, which I dare say is vital to Romania and France alike. Romania and France are sharing the vision of a consolidated European Union that is more flexible, more consistent and pragmatic in its actions, closer to its citizens, more credible inside and outside alike; a safer union, that is a redoubtable global player. To turn this vision into reality, Romania and France must work together,” said Aurescu.

A career diplomat since 1996, ambassador Bogdan Aurescu is also an international law professor at the Law Faculty of the Bucharest University.

In 2003 he was appointed agent of the Romanian Government with the European Court of Human Rights, and the next year he was named state secretary for European affairs. For five years, he was Romania’s agent at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. In that capacity, Aurescu defended Romania’s interests against Ukraine in the delineation of the Black Sea continental shelf in what became a model for peaceful resolution of a complex international litigation. Romania was awarded 80 percent of the area litigated by the two countries.

In November 2014, he was appointed foreign minister, after holding for six years the office of state secretary for European affairs with MAE.

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