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October 6, 2022

PMP’s Basescu: As party leader I am obliged to run; no final decision yet

National leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu on Thursday said he has not made a final decision yet about running in this December’s general election, adding that if a study to be conducted by his party finds his bid useful for the party, he will jump in.

“I have not made a final decision yet, but it is clear that me being a party leader obliges me to bear the party’s flag in the general election, and thus to run. That is the moral duty of a party leader. Yet, I must see if that helps the party, which is what we find in the second part of October. We will conduct a sociological study in due course, because it is good for us to know that scientifically, not just by instincts or by moral obligation,” Basescu told B1 TV private broadcaster.

Answering to a question about a recent statement by Elena Udrea, for a time PMP’s national leader but now facing legal troubles, Romania’s former President Basescu said he was not surprised, adding that his latest piece of advice to her was not to run.

“That does not surprise me at all, because I had talked to her. She should clarify things, as Mrs Udrea stopped being a PMP member last spring. I had talked to her before this decision and my suggestion was that she should not run because the risk of having other court files piling on her name would be major. I asked her to remember the treatment gave to her when I ran in the presidential election, when [compromising] pictures of her were leaked and her husband was arrested. I warned her that she will be running additional risks if she chooses to run. My latest recommendation, which we discussed seriously, was do not run. It is her decision, a major decision that you cannot change. As a friend, I advised her not to run,” said Basescu.

She said about Udrea that she is a very independent-minded woman that uses politics and church as persona sanctuaries for peace of mind.

” On the one hand, she is a very independent woman, while on the other I understand her very well, because I know her very well; she is also a single woman, a woman that has to carry alone very heavy burdens, if we are to mention her going to courts and being moved from one prosecutorial office to the other. Church and politics may not be mutually compatible, but together they match her temperament. They are her only sanctuaries (…) she seeks peace of mind in one, while in the other she tries to be somehow useful. I understand her very well,” said Basescu.

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