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October 21, 2021

President Iohannis: Parties must prepare for a clean election campaign

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that he wants a clean election campaign for the parliamentary elections, focused on the matters regarding Romanian people and without any “dirty moves.”

“We are getting closer to the election campaign and I want and like very much, I admit I would like, to have a clean election campaign, so to speak, focused on the matters that concern the Romanians and not centered on ruining others image. Therefore, the main idea was an impulse for the politicians, for the political parties, to prepare for an election campaign without dirty moves how we unfortunately witnessed so many times before, that will focus on the matters that must be resolved,” the President stated at the Cotroceni Palace.

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that “everyone” understands the fact that Romania finds itself in an election campaign and awaits the election results, pointing out though that “loud arguing” won’t do any good.

Iohannis was confronted on Thursday morning with an unseen situation. According to his official program, the head of state was to deliver a speech at the “Diaspora Business Summit. Together for Romania” event, which took place at the Cotroceni Palace, but in the last moment his intervention was carried out by Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi.

Klaus Iohannis returned after a while and explained that he had a “very important meeting”, but didn’t want to share who the meeting was with and what was the subject of it.

When asked if the meeting had implications on the external plan, the head of state responded : “So far, there aren’t external implications because everyone understands that in Romania there is a typical Romanian election campaign and everyone expects the result of the elections in December, but it would be good if we weren’t be arguing so loudly.”


“Many indicted or convicted people discover writer vocation”


President Klaus Iohannis explained on Friday the reasons for which he requested the General Prosecutor to take action, so the investigations unfold with celerity, giving as example the complaints regarding the books written by convicted persons who “discover their writer vocation”.

He was asked by journalists at the Cotroceni Palace about the context in which on Thursday he demanded the rapid solving of several cases regarding plagiarism accusations, so the public image of the authors wouldn’t suffer.

“Yes it’s very true and I insist on this thing. Because we can easily see: many indicted or convicted persons or involved in other stages of criminal cases discover their writer vocation, so to speak. And then it’s paramount that this complaints are verified with celerity, because it’s clear to see: if they refer to politicians then they are used in the election campaign or in the political fight. I don’t find it normal at all. The political fight must be conducted for political reasons, not for cases and my request came in this regard. If someone is accused and the accusation is sustained, let them be sent to court, if not let it be clearly said: ” it’s not true” and the good name of the person be restored as quickly as possible,” Iohannis stated.

The head of state attended a meeting on Thursday with the General Prosecutor, and afterwards he explained that there are “extremely old cases” as the ones related to the Revolution and the Mineriand.

Iohannis stated that he asked the General Prosecutor to take the necessary measures so the investigations be conducted fast in order to send the cases to court when the prosecutors establish that the law has been broken.

Whenever the law isn’t broken there are some comic denouncements, and in those cases the image of the person who was wrongfully accused should be cleared soon,” Klaus Iohannis added.

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