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October 1, 2020

PNL National Council validates Political Bureau’s amendments to party statute: Alina Gorghiu, sole president. Daniel Buda empowered to sign party lists

The National Liberal Party’s (PNL) National Council (NC) validated on Saturday the amendments to the party statute brought by the Political Bureau – Alina Gorghiu becoming sole party president and Daniel Buda being empowered to sign the party lists for the parliamentary elections.

PNL Secretary General Ilie Bolojan presented the amendments brought to the PNL Statute in order for it to correspond to “today’s realities.” Thus, Article 154, which deals with temporary leadership structures at national level, was modified in the sense that the national structure will consist of one president, and the article stipulating the co-presidency was abrogated.

Likewise, Liberals also decided to modify the article that stipulates the manner in which the party lists are filed, so that the lists could be signed by the party president and a vice president empowered by the former PDL, namely Daniel Buda.

The amendments to the party’s statute were unanimously approved. PNL’s National Council meeting brought together 700 participants.


PNL President Alina Gorghiu: PSD and ALDE capable of demanding Romania’s exit from EU


PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Saturday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) would be capable of demanding Romania’s exit from the EU, stating that two months of lies are set to follow, referring to her political opponents’ denial of the queues formed outside polling centres abroad and the young people’s fury after the Colectiv nightclub fire.

“These people have to be stopped until it’s too late. In order to take over this country they are capable of anything, including of demanding Romania’s exit from the EU,” PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated at the National Council.

Alina Gorghiu stated that two months of “libels, lies, conspiracy theories and wild accusations” are set follow.

“It’s a competition of revolting ineptitudes which the leaders of the PSD-ALDE cartel are offering every day with cynicism, premeditation and coordination,” Alina Gorghiu stated.

Gorghiu added that according to PSD leaders the queues formed outside polling centres abroad during the presidential elections of 2014 were formed by “agitators who were sitting in line more than once in order to give the sensation of crowdedness.”

The PNL leader also criticised the statements made by ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who negated “the fury of the young people who protested against Victor Ponta after the Colectiv tragedy.”

“They are now talking about coups and international conspiracies, although the Premier in office at that time willingly resigned, being applauded by all of his party colleagues for doing so. As a result of the coup d’état, they rejected snap elections and eagerly voted in Parliament in favour of the Ciolos Government, one they no longer recognise now, as if it had come down from heavens like the Holy Ghost,” Gorghiu said.

She emphasised that the imagination of PSD-ALDE goes so far that they are preparing to nominate a convicted Premier.

“If summoned at the Prosecutor’s Office, PSD leaders compare themselves to the victims of communism and instantaneously pose as Maniu, Coposu and Bratianu. (…) Everything these politicians from the PSD-ALDE cartel are doing lately revolves around two concepts: contempt and denial. Others are always to blame. The judiciary for acting, the people for going to the ballot box. The Americans, Europeans, technocrats and aliens are also doing something against the cartel. The whole universe is plotting against them. They are the innocent victims of these anti-national, imperialist, occult and obviously sold-out forces,” Gorghiu concluded.


Gorghiu: Nobody knows where I’ll run. I’ll be the last to announce it


PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Saturday that she will be the last to announce the constituency in which she will run, stating that PNL will file its lists for the Diaspora on Tuesday, and the national-level lists will be finalised around October 20.

“At this moment nobody knows where I will run and nobody will know, I’ll be the last to announce it. Precisely because I find the candidacy of Alina Gorghiu to be irrelevant, what I find much more important is what kind of lists or candidate profile we will have, whether we will meet the integrity criteria, and I guarantee it,” PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated when asked whether she will run in Timis in Vasile Blaga’s place, as recently rumoured.

Gorghiu stated that PNL will file its lists for the Diaspora on Tuesday, and around October 20 the party will publish the party lists it will file at national level.

PNL is yet to discuss its lists in Bucharest, Gorghiu added.

“The weak score in Bucharest means PNL did not come up with what Bucharesters wanted in the local elections. The successive changes had a price, the message was probably not well articulated,” Gorghiu concluded, stating that PNL will improve its relationship with Bucharesters.


Gorghiu to Voiculescu: Mr. Minister, I’ve seen you, I’ve liked you, what’s there left to do?


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu told Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu on Saturday that she “saw him, liked him” and they now have to see how they will collaborate in the future. In his turn, Voiculescu said he was “honoured” to take part in an event organised by “such an important party.”

“To paraphrase the lyrics of a song, Mr. Minister, I’ve seen you, I’ve liked you, what’s there left to do? We will collaborate in the future, I’m certain. This is the normal Romania, dear colleagues. It is the Romania in which a technocrat minister accepts a political party’s invitation and shows up at a debate concerning the governing platform and talks about the Government’s public policies in the healthcare domain. This is the normal Romania which calls for project continuity,” PNL President Alina Gorghiu said at the PNL National Council meeting.


Vlad Voiculescu: PNL, important


In his turn, the Health Minister said he was honoured to take part in an event organised by such an important party.

“I’m honoured to be present at an event organised by such an important party, a party that has influenced Romania’s history so much, including her recent history,” Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu stated in his speech.

Voiculescu said he took part in the event because he had read that in the Liberals’ governing platform healthcare reform is one of the main topics, and many of the Ciolos Government’s measures are found in PNL’s governing platform.

“We know that a hike in the financing of the healthcare system is necessary and unfortunately a decade will come to pass since each party promises this hike before the elections but after that finds reasons to no longer implement it,” Voiculescu said.

Voiculescu praised PNL for understanding that “health is an investment, not a cost,” and for including this principle in its governing platform, unlike numerous politicians who previously led the country and failed to understand it.

The Health Minister also mentioned PSD in his speech.

“We need quality pharmaceutical drugs and we have to know that it’s pointless for these drugs to be cheap on paper if they are not present in pharmacies and hospitals. Anybody can understand this, I’m sure even the colleagues from PSD can,” Voiculescu said, being applauded by PNL President Alina Gorghiu and those present in the hall.

He asked all politicians to understand “that they’ve gone too far in transforming the healthcare system into this autumn’s electioneering piñata.”

The Health Minister concluded that “good people surround themselves with good people,” however “good people are frightened by lawbreakers, (…) are frightened seeing a Romania led by liars and thieves.”

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