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April 13, 2021

Protests in health care system kick off Monday, end in general strike on 31 October

Hipocrat Trade Union Federation of Romania (FSH) is starting several protests as of Monday, in a first stage being to wear a blue armband for five days, then by picketing and temporarily interrupting activity in the following week, winding up in a general strike on 31 October, the unionists announce.

“We are commencing an approach that should continue with meetings for addressing claims and solutions to them. We have persevered in our actions and we believe that we should find the proper solutions for a situation that has generated a state of confusion and revolt. If not, as we’ve already announced at the middle of this week we notify the authorities on opening the labour conflict,” says the FSH president, Ion Cotojman.

The unionists have a lot of claims, among which: a real correlation of the most recent amendments to the salary law and the identification of the real solutions of motivation for the physicians who are to fill the vacancies generated by the void of specialists in various medical specialties, surgical or of emergency, the creation of a legal framework for the admission to the higher education of the nurses with a high school diploma and experience in practicing, with a view to browsing unique training programs at national level and at the same time for the observance of the European standards and curricula of training of the higher educated medical staff, a unitary pay of the medical staff irrespective of the medical activity sector, a corresponding salary pay of the technical, economic and administrative staff and of the public servants with the Public Health Departments, in accordance with the pay in the Health care sector.

The list of demands also includes the need to be granted the bonuses for special work conditions calculated at the current salaries’ level, and not at the 2009 level, the granting of the holiday and meal vouchers for all employees with the Health care and social assistance system, the proper funding of the Romanian health care system in order to hire staff to cover the staff deficit and cut migration, as well as for improving the patients’ satisfaction and assuring the necessary resources for quality services.

“The health care system of Romania is socially scrambled, considering that for a part of the employees’ inequalities and discriminations in connection with the professional performance and the pay were not eliminated. The measures are part of the ‘Medical Spring’ campaign initiated by the Hipocrat Trade Union Federation of Romania, a union that remains consistent to defending the rights and interests of the unionists with the public health care and social assistance system, as well as of the patients,” the FSH leader added.

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