GovITHub Project: 12 prototypes of the projects already started presented at the closeing session

The representatives of the young specialist teams in the IT area presented on Sunday, at the Victoria Palace, during the closing session of the first digital marathon – GovITHub, 12 prototypes of the projects already started, targeting mainly the development of applications and software solutions in order to grow the public services quality and improve the citizens’ relation with the state institutions.

Matei, from the team led by Claudiu Ceia, presented the application “Asistentul cetateanului” (Citizen assistant) – “Nevoile utilizatorului” (The user needs).

Practically through this application people will be notified by the authorities through an SMS or an email when they are late to pay their local taxes or when the validity of their Identification Data expires. Also citizens could receive information regarding the extreme meteorological phenomena or when public works are being made that could affect them one way or another.

“The citizens can choose to receive various notifications, alerts on their residence, car or weather. He will manage the application on the mobile device or on the web, but we have to gather our partners for this project in order to collaborate with the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) – for the RCA mandatory liability motor vehicle insurance, with the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads (CNADNR) – for roads, and with the Romanian Police – for various acts,” he explained, according to Agerpres.

Calin, form the same team, added that the area of interest list can be extended to 15-20, depending on the interest of every citizen, the citizen interface with the state institutions or with the ones that delivers public information for the interest of the citizens.

“This application won’t ever ask to access the Government or the agencies data base, because it will use those entitled citizen data for an interface which sends the data already copied from the data base of each agency into the functional data base of this website, which is secured. From here, under no circumstance, even if entitled for a citizen (e.n. Data Base), it won’t get into the hands or in the possession of unauthorized persons, because the relation consists in a single user,” Calin stated.

Over 100 young specialists in the IT area gathered on Saturday, at Victoria Palace, during a digital marathon titled GovITHub, which targeted the development of applications and software solutions in order to increase the public services quality and improve the citizens relations with the state’s institutions.

The concept of the event is “hackaton”- as it’s known in the IT professional environment. Scholars and volunteers will try, for a period of two days, to develop project prototypes with applications and software solutions.

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