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October 1, 2020

Iohannis : I didn’t say that there are no clues for plagiarism in the Kovesi case. My words have been twisted

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that his statements regarding the possible plagiarism of the head of National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, were “twisted”. The head of the state explained that he doesn’t have clues on a possible plagiarism, but he didn’t say that it couldn’t exist.

“I’ve noticed that my words were twisted. I didn’t say there are no clues. I said that I was leaving the discussion peaceful, because I didn’t have clues to appreciate there is a problem. I didn’t have clues. If others have them, I invite them to make referrals. They can make them wherever they wish, but they should address to the institutions in charge”, stated Klaus Iohannis.


“The statements of the UNJR chief are in the trend of the campaign for CSM. I felt called to represent the wishes of the society”


President Klaus Iohannis made comments, on Friday , on the criticisms of the President of the National Union of Judges of Romania (UNJR), Dana Garbovan, about his statements on the issue of the “celerity” in discussing certain cases, saying that they are assertions caused by “the campaign for the Superior Council of the Magistracy (CSM)”, and that he spoke as a mediator between the state and the society, noticing what are the citizens’ expectations.

Asked about the statements made by the head of the Judges’ Union, who said that Iohannis’ request addressed to the Attorney General was “unusual”, President said that these are campaign statements. “Honestly? In the trend of the campaign for CSM”, according to news.ro.

He explained what he wanted to say by referring to the celerity in solving certain cases.

“I am interested to see that all the state institutions function very well, and at that moment I noticed that one thing that can be improved for sure is the celerity of the work, and thus I made my request. It would be unusual and counterproductive that cases that draw public’s attention (…) are subject of the public’s concern without having conclusions from the prosecutors”, the President said.

Iohannis underlined that, when he expresses on certain issues, he is doing it as a mediator between state and society.

“Everybody has to remember that I’m not representing only the Romanian state, but also the society, and if the society wants institutions to function well and this kind of issues to be solved with celerity, I feel called to say this”, stated the President.

The President of the National Union of Judges of Romania (UNJR), Dana Garbovan, stated on Thursday that President Klaus Iohannis’ request on solving several current cases with celerity, such as MP Sebastian Ghita’s self-denunctiation related to Laura Codruta Kovesi’s PhD thesis represent “a wrong mentality”.

“If it’s about the current cases, from our perspective, it’s a totally unusual thing and it exactly shows a wrong mentality to which the Executive and the other powers of the state relate”, stated Dana Garbovan on Thursday, at the headquarters of the Superior Council of the Magistracy (CSM).

On the other hand, CSM President, judge Mircea Aron, stated on Wednesday for News.ro that he doesn’t appreciate that President Klaus Iohannis exceeded his attributions by asking celerity to the Attorney General in solving the case in which Sebastian Ghita accuses the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi of plagiarism, stating that this approach relates exactly to his statute of a mediator between the powers of the state.

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday evening that the Prosecutor General has to solve “very quickly” the case related to the accusations of plagiarism against Laura Codruta Kovesi, stating that he asked the Attorney General “to take care, while exercising his duties, to make these investigations with celerity”.

“Prosecutor General has to solve this case very quickly and I asked the Attorney General to take care, while exercising his duties, to make these investigations with celerity”, stated Iohannis, after he mentioned that he talked with Kovesi about the accusations of plagiarism and that he doesn’t think that there is any reason for her to resign, but reassessments can be made if things will change.

One week ago, MP Sebastian Ghita submitted an self-denunctiation to the Prosecdutor General, claiming that he participated in 2012 to perform a fake report that proved that Laura Kovesi’s PhD thesis is not a plagiarism.

The Prosecutor attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice started the criminal prosecution in rem for incitement to intellectual forgery in this case.

DNA Chief-Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, said that she didn’t made any plagiarism and that the entire PhD thesis is created by her, stating that prosecutors have the obligation to investigate Sebastian Ghita’s self-denunctiation.

“If any referral, of any nature, is submitted (denunciation, self-denunciation, complaint), prosecutors have the obligation to investigate and to clarify all the issues of the referral according to the law, and to order the legal measures. Regarding the PhD thesis ‘Fighting against organized crime by criminal law provisions’, I wish to mention that this is a thesis that totally belongs to me and that I made no plagiarism. Besides, I said this thing since 2012, when the first denigrating assertions of this kind appeared”, said the DNA Chief-Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, after MP Sebastian Ghita came to the headquarters of the Prosecutor General, mentioning that he will submit a self-denunciation in which he claims that he and other several Romanian dignitaries performed a forgery by making a fake technical expertise report establishing that DNA Chief-Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, didn’t plagiarized her PhD thesis.


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