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October 23, 2020

From a President, to a Senator

Traian Basescu announced that it’s likely to run for the parliamentary elections in this winter.

In Traian Basescu’s press statement related to this issue, the reasoning is that it’s his obligation as a party chief to take “the party’s flag into his hand”.

The only obstacle and “dilemma” is that he doesn’t now in this moment if he still has “the towing capacity for the party” or not.

Two years ago, more precisely in 2014, when he ended his last term at Cotroceni, being asked about his political future, Traian Basescu stated that he is NOT interested in any other position, involvement or political game, appreciating that any other options, excepting his last position, actually the highest one in any state of the world, are inferior, making inferior even the political ranking that Traian Basescu reached, as well as the totally particular nature of the politician Traian Basescu and his personality.

At a first sight, it doesn’t seem and it isn’t an exaggerated reasoning at all.

The question of a possible presidency of a party was put in the same way. However, in the end, Traian Basescu became the president of a party.

After the local elections have passed, when Traian Basescu circulated another one of his typical versions, namely that he will run (again) for the Bucharest City Hall, now, after the Firea-Basescu incident, the one which is supposed that severely damaged the former Romanian President’s image, and that could not support any corresponding restoration in the voters’ eyes, which could be so strong to be able to erase this stigma, the conflict being closed, following a mysterious mediation, ended with Mrs. Firea’s abandonment on the accusations she brought to Traian Basescu, he announces extremely candid a possible new game option with which he got us used so well: His candidacy for a seat in the Romanian Parliament.

It could be possible, in Traian Basescu’s view, through the vision of the party he is leading and its future. An argument as natural and logical as possible, considering that all that PMP represents is exactly Traian Basescu.

But it’s not an argument, or better to say a reason sufficiently strong for a politician with the history, the potential and the background of Traian Basescu to step from the status of a former president of the country to the one of a simple parliamentarian.

Besides, if we remember exactly the relationship that Traian Basescu always had with the Parliament during his terms and the obvious high degree of categorical contempt against the parliamentarians’ status and against what they finally form, this idea seems to be even stranger.

Moreover, in PMP’s case, the Parliament couldn’t represent a comfortable or even acceptable place for Traian Basescu, from the perspective of his need of control and power. Obviously, we are talking about the amplitude and the magnitude that PMP has in the real electoral pool of Romania.

Of course, excepting any alliance to be made after the parliamentary elections.

Because things are extremely simple for anyone who knows what Traian Basescu means.

Traian Basescu has and he will always have the “towing capacity” of any political nature, at any level, in any more or less favorable moment.

What could mean a senator or deputy position for Traian Basescu?

The only thing that comes to my mind, no matter how strange and incredible it seems, related to this option (as strange and incredible as this idea of the President), is that through an unknown, bizarre switch of forces, circumstances and alliances, Traian Basescu will be able to access the second position of power in the state, once he will be a Romanian Senator (for instance).

Well, from this position, things can obviously get a different perspective for Traian Basescu.

Constitutionally correct or not, this argument could represent an extremely powerful motivation for Traian Basescu to apparently descend on the power’s stairs, to climb it on another side in an extremely delicate moment in terms of politics.

But even so, when you were number one in a state and inside the power, the reasons that cause you to make such a step (or game) must have stakes and calculations much more complex and definitely superior to the ones… of towing an ephemeral party from which you don’t ask too many things.

It didn’t seemed to me even one second, and I don’t think it seemed to any person untouched by political passions and partisanships that, since he created PMP, at least from public perspective, Traian Basescu consumed too much energy and ingenuity to transform it into a real force outside of his person and personality. If the party led by President Basescu is still in this stage, it’s because that’s what Traian Basescu wanted. Not because his leader has lost his abilities and capacities to create a political party which can be important.

Therefore, why would Traian Basescu have now the idea to announce a possible candidacy for the Parliament, different from the one we talked about before (between you and me, nobody and nothing stopped him to involve in the local elections as a candidate, for the sake of the moral obligations and not only towards the party he leads and which he claim only now)? I repeat and I underline, considering the totally particular nature of the political character named Traian Basescu.

Exactly because this can be the only real opportunity, for anyone who knows the way in which a political leader with a profile like the one we are talking about, is able and wishes to really participate at a political diversion with much higher, serious and profound implications in the near Romanian political future.

Because Traian Basescu remains, beyond the superficiality of some moments which he creates, which are also very well targeted, a place from where the pulse of the power must be and can be constantly taken to see its correct evolution.



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