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August 1, 2021

Sebastian Ghita came to DNA Ploiesti with two owls which he would have received from Codruta Kovesi

MP Sebastian Ghita, heard in the Tony Blair case, came on Tuesday to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Ploiesti, with two owls which Laura Codruta Kovesi, the Chief-Prosecutor of the institution, would have gave him.

Sebastian Ghita says that the bonded owls that he brought to DNA in order to give them to the prosecutors, were a symbol of his friendship with Laura Codruta Kovesi.

“Since Mrs. Kovesi is repeating that there was no relationship between us, I remembered while I came to Ploiesti on yesterday that she have me two owls once, when she visited me. So I thought I should give them back, since I’ve noticed that Vanghelie and Geoana didn’t have any more problems after they returned the watches”, stated Sebastian Ghita at the DNA.

Ionut Iordachescu and Sorin Chirila, the close persons to Sebastian Ghita through whom the deputy is supposed to exercise his influence in several companies, also came to DNA Ploiesti this morning.

On September 6, Sebastian Ghita was placed under judicial control for 60 days by the DNA Ploiesti prosecutors, being accused of complicity in money laundering; the investigators claim that the businessman gave to the former PM Victor Ponta the amount of EUR 220,000 to ensure himself that he will benefit from an eligible place in the 2012 elections.

In the same case, the former PM Victor Ponta was also placed under judicial control, being accused of using his influence or authority to get for himself or for another person money, goods or other undue benefits, as well as of complicity in money laundering.

DNA Ploiesti prosecutors claim that, in order to include Sebastian Ghita as a candidate on PSD lists, in an electoral college where the political formation could have been sure that it will get the mandate which for the candidacy was, Victor Ponta used his authority to obtain the confirmation that he will be proposed on the list of candidates. The confirmation of the proposal would have been made by Ponta to get undue benefits consisting in the payment of the amount of EUR 220,000, which was needed to organize a visit in Romania of a foreign political personality, namely the former UK PM Tony Blair.

According to DNA, the amount of EUR 220,000 was obtained from Ghita through intermediaries.

“Thus, Ponta Victor Viorel aimed to gain electoral capital, by publicizing the meetings along with the personality receiving international notoriety, given that in 2012, local and parliamentary elections were scheduled, according to the electoral calendar”, reads a release issued by DNA.

DNA also claims that, in order to create the appearance that Tony Blair’s visit in Romania doesn’t take place at the party’s initiative, it was established that the entire activity will be organized through a non-profit organization, to induce the idea among the public that Victor Ponta’s meeting to the former UK PM would have took place at the initiative of the first.

“To this end, Ponta Victor and Sebastian Ghita requested to the representative of the non-profit organization to find a way through which the foreign politician can be invited in Romania without being known that his visit will take place at Victor Ponta’s initiative, while the payment caused by organizing this event would have been supported by Ghita Sebastian Aurelian through a company controlled by his intermediaries. To this end, to dissimulate the illegal origin of the amount of EUR 220,000, the defendant Ponta Victor Viorel accepted, in complicity with the defendant Ghita Sebastian Aurelian, to successively conclude two contracts”, is shown in the DNA release.


DIICOT denies that Sebastian Gita was heard in the Black Cube case


Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) denies that it heard MP Sebastian Ghita in the Black Cube case on Monday, related to the alleged email address which the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi would have used.

“Mr. Ghita didn’t make any statement today; the email address he invokes is not subject of our case until this moment”, is shown in an official answer issued by DIICOT.

Sebastian Ghita was present to DIICOT on Monday, but the prosecutors said that they rescheduled his hearing.

DIICOT’s mention was made after Ghita came on Monday to the Directorate, claiming that he made statements in the Black Cube case, in which he referred also to “the secret address” that would have been used by the DNA head, according to him – cucuveauamov.gmail.com

“I am a witness in this case, I cannot give you other data and information from the file. Since the prosecutors asked me (e.n. – about the email address cucuveauamov@gmail.com), they may try to find information.  (…) I knew this email address is used by Mrs. Kovesi. (…) I said to prosecutors anything that seemed important to me. I don’t think that attacking Romanian state institutions, DNA, SRI, DIICOT, is allowed, and I believe that DIICOT prosecutors have to investigate if this thing happens”, Sebastian Ghita stated when exiting DIICOT.

Besides, also when entering DIICOT, Sebastian Ghita stated that he knew that DNA chief was using the mentioned email address.

“I am sure that action of some foreign intelligence agencies – Black Cube, the agency related to the former head of the Israeli intelligence service – is investigated by the DIICOT prosecutors, and since the main target in the Romanian state was Mrs. Codruta Kovesi, probably DIICOT is checking if this special address, a secret one, a hidden one – cucuveauamov@gmail.com, Mr. Kovesi’s address, is one of the addresses that Black Cube broken, and where from they could find secret information related to the Romanian state, DNA and Mrs. Kovesi”, said Ghita when entering DIICOT.

Until now, three Israeli citizens are accused in this case – Ron Weiner, David Geclowicz and Yossi Barkshtein. The latter managed to leave Romania, being issued an arrest warrant in absentia on his name.

Also, prosecutors started the criminal investigation on the name of the former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir, who is currently placed in custody.

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