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June 25, 2021

Adrian Severin calls on T. Basescu as witness in lawsuit. Basescu: I’m going

Former MEP Adrian Severin wants to see ex-President Traian Basescu and George Maior, ex-director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and currently Romanian ambassador to Washington, heard in court. Since the “Bribery in European Parliament” case is nearing its end, he hopes the two witnesses will help him prove his innocence. Already sentenced by the court of first instance to 3 years and 3 months in prison, Adrian Severin claims he is the victim of an international plot.

Sentenced by Supreme Court judges, in the court of first instance, to 3 years and 3 months in jail, Adrian Severin came up with unusual requests in his defence. The former MEP wants ex-President Traian Basescu and ex-director of the SRI George Maior heard in court. The court will respond to the request in a few days’ time.

Adrian Severin: “It was very fair of him to invite me for talks. On that occasion I understood he does not have information concerning some guilt on my part. In these conditions, I believe he has information that could help clarify the case because the court is relying on some appearances.”

Traian Basescu: “Yes! He came to my office. I was President and I received him. I thought he had important things. (Interviewer: Will you show up as a witness?) I will go no matter what, if they call me.”

The “Bribe in European Parliament” scandal erupted in March 2011, when the British press revealed footage showing MEP Adrian Severin negotiating his political support in the European Parliament for the company of two so-called businessmen. In return for his support, the MEP was asking for 100,000 Euros. Accused of passive bribery and influence peddling, Adrian Severin declared himself innocent and claimed he was the victim of a smear operation he knew about even before the scandal erupted.

Adrian Severin: “Apart from the known offices, I had an entire series of delicate European Union expansion missions, related to the EU’s near abroad in the East, to the problems in the Balkans. I got hold of that information a month before the scandal erupted.”

In this case, prosecutors have evidence that the ghost company represented by the undercover journalists issued an invoice of 12,000 Euros to the MEP for his services. Adrian Severin’s explanation: fair pay for consultancy services rendered to that company.

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