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September 25, 2021

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on National Day of the Kingdom of Spain: Spain is one of Romania´s closest partners in the European Union and NATO

On the occasion of the National Day of the Kingdom of Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania extends the warmest congratulations and best wishes of prosperity for the Spanish people.

It is a special day for Romania and Spain, two strategic partners that share together common objectives on multiple fields, through a constant and active dialogue on all levels: bilateral, European and international.

Spain is one of Romania´s closest partners in the European Union and NATO as our countries share common visions and objectives in many relevant dossiers on the current agenda. In this context, we gratefully recall Spain’s friendship and valuable support during Romania’s EU accession process. As dedicated pro-European Member States, we have developed since then an ever closer cooperation at all levels (political, technical, cultural exchanges etc.).

Our relations represent an important asset for the future as both countries promote a stronger and more cohesive Union, based on full respect of the fundamental principles and freedoms that are the cornerstone of the EU project.

We truly believe that our common future lies in a better Union, united in its internal and external demarches, able to deliver results on major issues of interest, in accordance with the expectations of the citizens. Through inclusive dialogue at EU level, through cooperation and solidarity, we can find the best solutions to our common benefit. This is also the best way to restore the confidence of the Europeans in the EU’s future as a project meant to ensure more stability, prosperity and security. Romania and Spain are genuine partners in this endeavor.

In 2016, we celebrate 135 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain that positively impact on the overall framework of countries’ political dialogue. Nowadays, the relation that defines Romania and Spain is stronger than ever, bound by Latin roots and common values which have contributed to the development of a long and rich tradition of cooperation.

The political and sectorial fields, as well as the social and cultural dimension are very important components that link both countries. The political dialogue has been intensified in the past years, through several important bilateral visits at the highest level and at the ministerial level, in different areas of major importance for Romania and Spain.

At the same time, Romania and Spain share a dynamic cooperation in the economic field. The trade exchanges between the two countries reached 3,18 billion euro in 2015, a higher figure as compared to 2014. In the last five years, the growth rate of the bilateral trade surpassed 8%, mainly sustained by sectors as: automotive industry (vehicles, car parts & accessories), electrical equipment, fashion, chemical, plastic and rubber products, foodstuff and agricultural products.

Furthermore, the consistence of economic relations between Romania and Spain are confirmed by the growing interest of Spanish companies to invest in Romania, especially in fields like energy, infrastructure construction and real estate development sectors. The Spanish business community of companies in Romania was 5.653 at the end of August 2016, ranking eighth according to the amount of the subscribed capital.

The valuable role played both by the Spanish community in Romania and by the Romanian community in Spain brings definite added value to the strategic relation, representing a catalyst for a solid bilateral partnership. The Romanian citizens registered in Spain, the second biggest Romanian community living abroad and the first foreign community in Spain are actives and well integrated, contributing to the development of the Spanish economy and society.


¡Feliz Día de la Fiesta Nacional, España!


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