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February 29, 2020

“Hai la Olimpiada!” program expands and reaches 20 free centers in 10 Romanian cities

“Hai la Olimpiada!” program, initiated by eMAG Foundation in 2012 and supported by BCR starting from 2014, expands its network and reaches 20 free centers in 10 cities across the country, in this school year.

Starting from October, besides reopening the already existing centers from Brasov, Bucharest, Buzau, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara, new performance centers will be opened in Baia Mare, Oradea and Piatra Neamt.

“In the “Hai la Olimpiada!” Performance training centers, students’ training is provided by the best teachers in the town. We continue to value the devoted teachers’ community, since they are able to guide children for the questions of tomorrow. The courses in the centers are free, and to be able to participate to these courses, students with the best results in the school contests will be tested. In this school year, we are present in 10 cities and we intend to have such centers, by 2020, in at least 30 Romanian cities and to reach at least 5,000 children who wish and are able to train at a level that is above average”, stated Tudor Vlad, the President of the eMAG for Education Foundation (Fundatia eMAG pentru Educatie).

“Supporting children and young people who wish to make performance is one of the BCR’s strategic directions of involving into the community. We believe it’s our duty to contribute to the development of a competitive society, led by well-prepared leaders, who are able to inspire and to produce positive changes in the society. We’re glad to support children and young people who wish to make performance, by the “Hai la Olimpiada!” program. We’ll continue to support them by funding the free training centers for Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. We are proud to invest in the passion and desire to achieve outstanding results with the children and young people who will be tomorrow’s leaders of Romania”, stated Ionut Stanimir, BCR Director of Communication.

New centers in Baia Mare, Oradea and Piatra Neamt

“Hai la Olimpiada!” program continues the tradition of the last years, opening new centers in other three Romanian cities: Baia Mare, Oradea and Piatra Neamt. At the same time, Timisoara will also have a training center for Physics, in addition to the training centers for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Thus, in October, within the “Hai la Olimpiada!” program, 20 training centers will be operational: the Mathematics and Physics performance centers in Brasov, the Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science centers in Bucharest, the Mathematics and Physics centers in Buzau, the Physics center in Constanta, the Mathematics and Computer Science centers in Cluj-Napoca, the Mathematics and Computer Science centers in Iasi, the Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics centers in Timisoara, to which the following new centers will add: Mathematics in Baia Mare, Physics in Oradea and Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics in Piatra Neamt.

“Hai la Olimpiada!” centers will be reopened

Students in Bucharest who have good results at Computer Science or at Physics, as well as at the school contests, can take their passion to the next level and register online – http://hailaolimpiada.ro/inscriere/ to the tests for the selection in the “Let’s Go to Olympics!” performance training centers.

The date, the hour and the location of the tests at Computer Science and Physics will be permanently updated on the “Hai la Olimpiada!” official webpage – http://hailaolimpiada.ro/news/se-redeschid-centrele-gratuite-de-pregatire-hai-la-olimpiada/

About the program

“Hai la Olimpiada!” is a program initiated by the eMAG Foundation in 2012, within which students and teachers that are training them to make performance in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics are supported. Since 2014, BCR has become a partner of the program, supporting the performance centers and the most important contests for students.

In the 2015-2016 school year, 1,882 students have prepared weekly in the performance centers from Bucharest, Constanta, Buzau, Iasi, Brasov, Cluj and Timisoara, under the guidance of 154 teachers.


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