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January 16, 2021

INTERMEDICAS expects to close 2016 with a minimum turnover of 1.7 million lei

For the first six months of this year, INTERMEDICAS, the only clinic in Romania specialized in Second Opinion medical services, reported a 40% increase of the turnover, compared to the same period of 2015.

According to the company representatives, the results that have exceeded the original estimates, are above the growth rate of the medical services  on the market and is a good indicator for the medical education of patients.

The results come as this year, the clinic has strengthened the main business division, Second Opinion medical services, which means a network of over 200 elite doctors at international and local level, and partnerships with clinics worldwide.

“Thanks to these services, the Romanian patients records can be analyzed by the experts from a wide range of specializations at some costs that are more advantageous than those of a trip abroad. The medical services that we offer are specialized, so this growth is in equal measure an indicator of improving the level of medical education of the Romanian patients. In this context, we expect to close this year with a minimum increase of 50% compared to 2015, which means a minimum turnover of 1.7 million lei”, said Ana Maria Marian, CEO INTERMEDICAS.

“Because in Romania, 1 in 10 patients receives a wrong diagnosis, we launched last year the information campaign “Second Opinion Endorsed, not Improvised!”, through which we aim the extension of the understanding about the importance of consulting an approved medical opinions, whenever needed. The Second Opinion success rate is 100% except the chronic cases, where the patients come to us sometimes too late “, Ana Maria Marian added.

The turnover growth was sustained by all of the clinic strategic business lines. Alongside the Second Opinion services, whose number of patients increased by 50% compared to the first six months of last year, INTERMEDICAS mentions the Visiting Professors program and the corporate and individual subscriptions for Personal Health Assistant. In the first half of 2016, the division of subscriptions grew by 30% over the same period last year.

The clinic has also developed customized products Personal Health Assistant: corporate – addressed to the foreigners and managers of companies; for seniors – acute and chronic cases, which cover a range of personalized support , care and treatment services, according to the single or cumulative pathologies of the patients.

Starting this year, the clinic’s activities were relocated to a new office in the residential area in the north of the capital, where patients benefit from modern conditions of consultation and access to the international expertise.


Founded in 2011, INTERMEDICAS is the first clinic in Romania specialized in the Medical Second Opinion services, with direct access to the world class doctors from Europe, USA and Japan. INTERMEDICAS provides Second Opinion services, diagnosis and medical treatment in Romania and abroad and access to medical specialties of niche. In addition, INTERMEDICAS has implemented a monthly program of Visiting Professors in which the patients can meet, each month in Bucharest, doctors with international expertise in various medical practices.

About Second Opinion

Second Opinion is the right that each patient should experience when he needs the right and accurate diagnosis, as well as the appropriate therapy. Second Opinion promotes the uniqueness and individuality of each person, whereas some affections could have evolutions and different manifestations from one case to another. Getting the Second Opinion is carried out in five stages: initial advice given to the patient by the case manager doctor designated by INTERMEDICAS; the analysis and the evaluation of the medical documents; the achievement of the medical records; selecting the expert doctor and sending the medical file and report for evaluation for the Second Opinion by an the expert doctor.


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