Senators help out convict “writers”: 20-day sentence reduction for each scientific paper

The Senate’s Judiciary Commission has modified Government Emergency Ordinance no.24/2016 on Tuesday, deciding that convicts can get 20 days shaved off their sentence for each scientific paper authored, instead of 20 days regardless of how many papers they wrote while in jail as initially decided by the Government.

“I’m not saying that one sweats blood for a truly scientific paper, which actually happens, but I can’t go to the opposite extreme and be in favour, like the ordinance is, of 20 days for a university professor who spent five days behind bars and wrote five papers. I can’t. The ordinance was unjust. That is why we’re making a compromise. In my opinion this is not much, but it’s only my opinion. At least 20 days for each scientific paper,” said Ioan Chelaru, Senate Deputy Speaker and member of the Judiciary Commission.

According to an amendment adopted by the Human Rights Commission, a sentence reduction of 20 days is conferred for each scientific paper or invention authored behind bars. Government Emergency Ordinance no.24/2016 initially stipulated a sentence reduction of 20 days regardless of the number of scientific papers authored.

The Senate was the first Chamber notified. The Lower Chamber will be the decisive Chamber.

In his turn, PNL’s Catalin Boboc, Chairman of the Judiciary Commission, said he disagrees with someone who works more receiving the same sentence reduction as someone who works less. “I believe we can’t treat everyone the same in this case either,” Boboc said.

The amendment proposed by the Human Rights Commission was adopted unanimously by the MPs present.


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