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June 19, 2021

CNADTCU, final verdict: Toba and Pandele plagiarized

Former Interior Minister Petre Toba (photo) and the mayor of Voluntari, Florentin Pandele, plagiarized. It’s a final verdict stated on Wednesday by the National Council for the Certification of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU), which proposes the cancelation of the doctor titles acquired by them.

The decision was taken in the CNATDCU General Council, with 36 ‘yeses’ and only one ‘no’.

The recommendation of cancellation of the doctor titles belonging to Petre Toba and Florentin Pandele was made since last week by the Commission of Experts in Military Sciences, who concluded that there is a “massive plagiarism” in both of the cases. It’s the second commission stating a verdict in this case; the first commission concluded that they didn’t plagiarize.

However, CNADTCU General Council said that the report issued by the first commission was superficial and asked for a new commission to be formed.

At the beginning of this week, Petre Toba filed a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor, claiming the manner in which the second commission was formed.

Petre Toba and Florentin Pandele have 10 days since the final verdict, to make an appeal to CNADTCU.


Toba: The Ministry of Education didn’t observe all the procedures


Right after the CNADTCU final verdict, Petre Toba stated that the Ministry of Education didn’t observe all the internal procedures when analyzing his PhD thesis. The former minister draw attention that several commissions of experts have analyzed his thesis, deciding that it’s not a plagiarism,

“I made several requests to the Ministry of Education when I found out that this commission was formed. I haven’t received any answer, and I consider this to be an infringement of my right to defense. Al these internal procedures of the Ministry of Education weren’t observed. There were three commissions who assessed my case in three different stages, and all the three commissions stated that there is no plagiarism. I am trustfully waiting the final result”, stated the former Interior minister.

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