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February 18, 2020

Environment Ministry wants investigation on context in which bear in Sibiu was killed

The Environment, Waters and Forestry Ministry (MMAP) will sent a notification to the Sibiu General Inspectorate of Police (IPJ Sibiu) in order to start an investigation which will clearly establish the context in which the bear that appeared on the streets of Sibiu city was killed.

According to a press release of the relevant ministry, in addition to the notification sent to the Sibiu General Inspectorate of Police, there will be requested an analysis to the Sanitary Veterinary Directorate, in regards to the health condition of the bear before the shooting, in order to establish if the specimen was tranquilized previously to its arrival in the city.

The Environment Ministry stated that it didn’t receive any request for granting derogation for the shooting.

“In regards to the local authorities intervention in this case, we mention that the Environment Ministry hasn’t been solicited to grant a derogation for shooting. The necessity of this demarche from the intervention team, in the given situation, will be established by the bodies in charge of the investigation. We consider that this incident reveals, once again, the necessity of creating, as quickly as possible, a Wild Animal Emergency Service (SUAS), a step that has already taken by the the Environment, Waters and Forestry Ministry together with the Interior Ministry. This structure will have very clear procedures in order to intervene in this type of situations, depending on the level of danger,” the release of the relevant ministry points out.

Wednesday morning, policemen, gendarmes, firefighters and Zoo employees surrounded one of the main avenues in Sibiu, in the attempt to find a bear that was said to have came into town.

The bear took a walk into town, several hours, even through the Grand Square of the historic center of Sibiu, afterwards being shut because the tranquilizers didn’t have any effects on the bear, Prefect of Sibiu Cristian Roman stated on Wednesday for Agerpres.


President Iohannis says saddened by Sibiu bear shooting incident, clear procedures needed for responders


President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the Oct. 12 incident when a bear was shot dead in central Sibiu has saddened him, stressing that clear procedures are necessary to regulate the actions of emergency responders.

“That incident has saddened me. I watched dumbfounded those images with a bear wandering through the city and that is then simply shot dead. How is it possible with an Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) and with local police in place, for 50 yelling onlookers to gather at the site, and in the end, instead of someone from the Sanitary Veterinary Department or ISU to show up with a tranquilizer gun, someone just says shoot it. (…) I wasn’t there, but from the footage it seemed to me that the animal was frightened and just ran away. (…) Wouldn’t it have been easier (…) to have two-three specially trained people to intervene without causing panic? Emotion is part of the equation when disasters occur, and terror takes over in the event of terror attacks and clear procedures are necessary for the responders in order to prevent unnecessary emotions,” said Iohannis told the debate “Management of disaster risk reduction” organized at the Technical University of Civil Engineering.

The President said that a government decision is needed to establish who should respond in such cases.

“Just the way we have people trained to put out a fire, or staff trained for extrication, let us also have people trained to catch an animal,” advised the head of the state, adding that emotions stirred when an animal shows up in inhabited places run just as high as in the case of a natural disaster.

“We don’t need such negative emotions,” Iohannis said.

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