Transport Minister expected to join PNL

*Group of secretaries of state and Premier’s aides to resign and run on USR party lists


A group of secretaries of state and Premier’s aides will resign next week in order to run on the Save Romania Union’s (USR) party lists. Ministers Dragos Paslaru and Cristian Ghinea are yet to decide, while Sorin Buse might join the National Liberal Party (PNL) and run on its lists.

“There will be a group of secretaries of state and Premier’s aides who will join USR next week. Decisions are pending from Dragos (Labour Minister Dragos Paslaru – editor’s note) and Ghinea (European Grants Minister Cristian Ghinea – editor’s note),” Government sources told Mediafax.

There are talks about similar moves in what concerns PNL, a party that has invited, on several occasions, members of the Ciolos Government to become its members. However, according to Liberal sources, only Transport Minister Sorin Buse is considering taking this step. “Transport Minister Sorin Buse is the only one who might run on PNL’s lists,” Government sources pointed out.

The option has been confirmed by PNL sources too. Thus, according to Liberal sources, Sorin Buse might run on an eligible place on the lists of PNL Bihor, however no decision has been taken. The sources pointed out that the leadership of PNL Bihor was expected to convene on Thursday evening, in order to finalise the list of candidates. “Sorin Buse is from Bihor, but he has to want to run too, and a clear acceptance is yet to come from him,” the sources said.

So far, only Economy Ministry secretary of state Manuel Costescu has resigned from the Government in order to run on USR’s party lists in the Diaspora constituency.


Iohannis: Ministers are entitled to file electoral bids


Asked to comment on rumours that Transport Minister Sorin Buse would run in the general election on the tickets of the National Liberal Party (PNL), President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said he has no details about that, adding that new faces appearing in politics would be a good thing.

“I do not think [the ministry] is left without a minister. There has always been someone to continue the work. I do not know details of this intention – I may learn them – but I believe that even a minister is entitled to run in an electoral competition, and I think new faces appearing in politics would be a good thing in the end to replace those who apparently care a lot about justice independence,” said Iohannis in reply to the fact that non-affiliated Buse would join PNL.

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