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December 3, 2022

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea reveals many women stay silent on receiving IVF treatment

Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea said on Thursday, at the opening in Bucharest of the Medsana – Genesis Athens IVF clinic, that many women hide their receiving fertility treatment, and also shared her personal experience on the subject, pointing out that the procedure is perfectly safe for both mother and child.

Firea said that her four and a half year old middle son David Petru was born following such treatment.

“For me this was no reason for embarrassment or shame, as I realized that many women conceal following IVF treatment. They are afraid of the treatment’s potential implications for their body or the baby’s life. (…) Petru David, my middle son aged four years and a half, is a child just like any other, a very quirky one. (…) Partial, momentary infertility, as that I suffered from – as I had two natural pregnancies – can be treated,” said Firea.

She assured opinions according to which scientific procedures would be prohibited by religion are mere “preconceptions” and confessed having herself swept away certain religious doubts on whether she was doing the right thing, and carrying on, driven by the firm conviction that a woman’s paramount purpose on earth – God willing – is to become a mother at least once in her life, and by the sight – the moment she stepped in the intervention room – of an icon of the Virgin Mary. “It left a deep impression on me and I realized that only a combination of the advancements of science and the power of prayer can make miracles come true,” said Firea.

She also reminded that during her tenure as Senator she backed the development of the IVF program initiated by former Minister of Health Nicolae Banicioiu, adding that the municipality will continue to promote this program.

The ribbon of the new facility was cut by Virgil, a student of the “Gheorghe Lazar” National College, who was conceived 18 years ago by IVF with the help of Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, Genesis Athens CEO.

Thanking the medical team that made it possible for him to come into life, the teen boasted his successes so far and confessed that he would like to study medicine in Bucharest.

Athens Medical Group CEO Vassili Apostolopoulos voiced his opinion that the investment in Bucharest will help introduce Romania in the medical tourism circuit.

The opening of the Medsana – Genesis Athens clinic coincides with the 20th anniversary of the opening of the first Medsana clinic in Romania. It also marks the beginning of our expansion on the local market through the establishment of specialized centers that will provide high quality services, Apostolopoulos said.

According to Genesis Athens CEO Konstantinos Pantos the center started its activity in Greece 25 years ago, and has since become the nationally highest-rated IVF center, handling annually over 5,000 patients from 35 countries.

Andreas Vythoulkas, Athens Medical representative in Romania, underscored the importance of couples affected by infertility receiving treatment at home, given that trips abroad can heighten their stress.

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