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August 13, 2022

PM Ciolos: I will publicly present platform of principles in coming period

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced that in the coming period he will publicly present a platform of principles, values and projects that will reflect the experience of the months of governance.

“Beyond what the PNL [National Liberal Party] and the USR [Save Romania Union] are saying now, it is important that we have a discussion on some principles, on some values, on some wide topics which I also believe we must work on in the coming period and then the citizens must be left to decide if these principles, themes can make the object of a governance programme. (…) I plan to come up in the coming period with these principles, with these values, with the projects we initiated and which, in my point of view, could be continued if there is a support for these projects… Not a governance programme, the governance programme is the domain of the parties participating in the elections, but a platform, a project reflecting somehow the experience I gathered these years and, so to speak, the legacy I would leave for the next period, this is what I can contribute with to the debate that will take place in the coming period,” Ciolos told Digi 24 private television broadcaster.

Asked if he has already met with the PNL and the USR to discuss about the announced project, Ciolos said that he could have talks with these parties only after he presents the project publicly.

“We mustn’t expect anything very surprising. It is a synthesis and a reflection on what we have worked on so far, the governance manner which we tried to put into practice, based on honesty, based on integrity, based on principles of transparency, professionalism, reforms that we have initiated, many of them because we were forced by realities, by context to begin, even if they have to be thought in a longer than one year perspective. Exactly because we have started things that we probably didn’t expect or that we didn’t think in the beginning that we had to work on, and because we realize that in education, health, infrastructure in debureaucratization and public administration performance increase, social policy versus job creation, in all of these areas there are things that we were somehow compelled to begin and which should be continued, I will write them down together with my collaborators and we will present them to the public,” the PM pointed out.

At the same time, Ciolos added that he hasn’t talked with the PNL and the USR about the possibility of these parties supporting him for the prime minister office after the parliamentary elections.

“I haven’t discussed this with them and I am less interested in my being prime minister or not, but I am interested in seeing to what extent the good things I have done can be continued. If, one way or another, I can contribute to this, from one position or another, I won’t say I won’t do it, but this is not what matters now and (…) I first want to see what are the reactions concerning these principles and values that we will present,” Ciolos said.


“I’ve made many mistakes and I have tried to correct them”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated that he has made several mistakes many times since he has been chief of Government, in regards to the manner in which he chose some people and made certain decisions, but he added that he tried to correct those mistakes.

“I’ve made many mistakes and I tried to correct them. I was wrong probably in the way I chose certain people, I was wrong, probably also in the way I made certain decisions. (…) When you make a material mistake you must own it. When you make an error in the decision making process, you can correct that decision if you recognize the mistake in time and come up with a decision to ameliorate things or if consulting with other people, who probably have a better vision, you make the right decision. I believe we can learn only from making mistakes. The important thing is that these mistakes affect others less and it’s important to learn from errors rather than conceal them under the rug,” Dacian Ciolos stated on Thursday night, at Digi 24 private TV station, when asked if he made mistakes since he has been prime minister.

Moreover, the Prime Minister commented the statements of some political leaders who claimed that the technocrats are “incompetent.” According to Ciolos, this type of statements are “slogans.”

“There are words and… and those are slogans. (…) Some people are under the impression that if they repeat the same thing several times on TV, adding over that (…) a collage made up of certain pictures, a public perception will be created, afterwards they will be coming with a survey and say: “Look what percent of people don’t want to have technocrats.” I’m not interested in words, I’m interested in facts, people, and I’m interested in seeing results. I don’t need any labels to be myself and to use as best I can my knowledge, my abilities, my imagination in order to do my job well where I’m put and I dare to believe that all the collaborators that I chose think the same way. (…) I believe we have to rely on this type of authentic principles, not on words in the wind,” Ciolos stated.


We have good people in ISU; unfortunately orders from above are expected in order to intervene


Dacian Ciolos siad that in the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) are competent people, but sometimes “orders from above” are expected in order to intervene.

“We have procedures. Things probably must be taken step by step, and you know that everywhere, beyond the laws, beyond the procedures and papers it’s about the people. Reflexes must be formed. We have good people at the ISU, sometimes, unfortunately, orders from superiors are expected in order to intervene. There is, probably, a less good cooperation on the local level, and because of it, delays in interventions can occur. Once the device is put into practice things work. From this point of view probably it takes us by surprise also because of this slightly too hierarchical, too formal manner of taking action,” Ciolos stated at Digi 24 TV station, when asked to comment on the fact that President Klaus Iohannis is unpleased with the way authorities intervened in certain areas affected by floods.

The Prime Minister announced on Thursday that he approved taking out from the State Reserve several foodstuffs for the 44 people evacuated, who are currently placed in a campus. Quantities of fuel and diesel were taken out from the State Reserve in order to supply the pumps which are used to remove the water from peoples’ houses.


It’s important not to transform justice in weapon so people fight against each other


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos also stated on Thursday night that it’s important that justice isn’t transformed into “a weapon with which people fight against each other.”

“I believe things have progressed very well in the past years. It’s important to not further transform justice into a weapon with which some people fight against others. It’s paramount that the laws be well done so that justice can make good and clear decisions, that won’t be interpreted. And I believe it’s very important to do less and less justice on TV and increasingly more justice in courthouses,” Dacian Ciolos stated at Digi 24 private TV station, when asked if in Romania there is “too much justice.”

According to Prime Minister Ciolos, Romania isn’t “the most honest” nor “the most corrupt” country in the European Union (EU).

“I don’t believe there is too much justice anywhere, as long as justice does its job. In Romania probably the topic of corruption and anti-corruption it’s being talked about more than anywhere else. I tell you this knowingly, because for almost 5 years having worked in Brussels and made contact with all the member states, I can say Romania isn’t probably the most honest, but it isn’t the most corrupted country in the EU, and I don’t believe it is important to look over the neighbor’s fence. It is significant for us to admit honestly when we have problems, corruption included and try to treat these problems from the root. (…) Corruption is related with a mindset and an attitude towards things and facts, towards the decision we make,” Ciolos added.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that he is aware of the fact that the Government must give predictability to judicial system investments.

“The Government still has work to be done and I am aware of it, let’s give predictability also to the investments needed to be made in the judicial system, because there are things that progressed, but the people in the justice system are right when they say they need a multi-annual approach of the budgetary allocation also, in order to create the conditions in courthouses so that justice can do its job well,” Ciolos added.

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