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August 15, 2022

Romanian cinema figures, at ‘Autumn at Voronet’ Festival in Gura Humorului

Gura Humorului town hosts, October 13 – 16, the 36th edition of the ‘Toamna la Voronet’ (‘Autumn at Voronet’) International Film, Diaporama and Photography Festival, which will have among its guests Romanian cinematography figures and which is carried out for the first time with the support of the AGERPRES National News Agency.

The festival brings to the art-loving public’s attention the best cinema productions, together with renowned guests from the Romanian film industry, among whom Vladimir Gaitan, Ileana Popovici, Elisabeta Bostan, Draga Olteanu-Matei, Nicolae Margineanu, Manuela Harabor, Maria Ploae.

The opening day of the festival will be devoted to the “Reconstituirea” (Reenactment) film, when Ileana Popovici and Vladimir Gaitan will be the guests of an outstanding reenactment. Other two days of the programme will be dedicated to Elisabeta Bostan and actress Draga-Olteanu Matei. New features will also be part of the festival, such as “Razboiul Regelui” (The King’s War) and “Doar cu buletinul la Paris” (You Need Only Your ID for Paris).

A number of 39 productions were selected for the festival’s competition, out of 132 initially entered, which will represent 19 participating countries: South Africa, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, India, Japan, Lebanon, UK, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, USA. They will compete under the tree categories: Documentary (short and medium), Student film (short feature, documentary, animation or experimental film) and Travel film (short).

The jury is made up of Ana Vlad, Mihai Fulger, Nicolae Margineanu, Ileana Popovici, Andrei Giurgia (director of the ‘Romanian Film Evenings’ (SFR) – Iasi), Manuela Harabor, Elisabeta Bostan (from Dacin Sara), professor Laurentiu Damian, PhD, (from the Union of Romanian Filmmakers – UCIN).

“This year, we took over the beautiful cultural initiative of Gura Humorului with the hope that we can bring a new vibe to the event. There will be highly emotional autumn days in Gura Humorului, when we will remember the Romanian films that made history, but we will also emphasise the new cinema productions, which are worth seeing on the big screen. We found it opportune to have days to talk, to see and analyse the importance of Romanian monarchy, therefore we shall have a very important production – ‘The King’s War’. Also, the novelty that we are happy about is the collaboration with AGERPRES National News Agency, which brings interesting photo and documentary productions, for us and the cinema-loving public,” Festival director Vasile Liviu Mihaila said.

Agerpres National News Agency, represented by Director General Alexandru Giboi and a team, made up of Ioana Rauta, Madalina Comana and Camelia Moise, will present at Gura Humorului the treasures of its photo archives, under the “Discover the AGERPRES Photography Archive” exhibition. The film-passionate public can watch a documentary made by Agerpres’ Camelia Moise, ‘Discover Romania with Peter Hurley.”

“The organisers welcoming us by their side represents a great honour for us. Our historic photography archive is in fact a history storehouse, not only a photography archive. We have made a very rough selection out of the nine million photos we currently have in the archive. We have identified certain moments, certain topics, which are very important for our history as a nation,” AGERPRES Director General Alexandru Giboi said.

At the same time, participants in the festival of Gura Humorului will also enjoy book launches: ”Elisabeta Bostan: Imaginarium sau filmul in imparatia candorii” (Elisabeta Bostan: Imaginarium or film in the reign of candor), in the presence of guests of honour Elisabeta Bostan and Titus Vijeu.

Moreover, the tome “Anul Regal” (The Royal Year), Adenium 2016 publishing house, will also be launched in the presence of professor Daniel Sandru (honorary director of the Timpul magazine and secretary of state, coordinator of the Centenar (Centennnial) Department within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery), professor Alexandru Muraru, PhD, and professor Doru Tompea, PhD.


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