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November 25, 2020

Bill: Increased punishments for the perpetrators of domestic violence and eliminating the possibility of reconciliation with the victim

Perpetrators of violence will get higher punishments; to this end, MPs submitted two bills in Parliament – one of them provides increased punishments, and the other one refers to eliminating the possibility of reconciliation between the aggressor and the victim, which is currently removing criminal liability.

A group of 34 Liberal deputies and senators, including PNL leader Alina Gorghiu, submitted in the Senate a bill providing increased punishments for those who commit domestic violence acts.

“The legal solution we suggest, to amend the Art.199 of the Criminal Code, aims to increase criminal protection of the family life by increasing by 50 percent the quantum of the applied punishments for domestic violence. Specifically, they will be increased with a half of the special minimum and the maximum for offenses of hitting, body harm, blows causing death or murder”, explained the initiators.

On the other hand, MP Remus Cernea submitted also to the Senate a bill to amend the same article of the Criminal Code, requesting the elimination of the provision according to which the reconciliation causes the removal of the criminal liability. “This bill aims to eliminate from the Criminal Code this possibility which allows the aggressors to be exonerated from criminal liability in cases of domestic violence”, stated Remus Cernea, quoted by Mediafax.


 March against domestic violence, in Bucharest. Ministers Violeta Alexandru and Dragos Pislaru, among participants


The Minister for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, Violeta Alexandru, together with the Labour Minister Dragos Pislaru and the Head of the European Commission in Romania, Angela Filote, attended on Saturday, with over 200 people, to a protest against violence on women.

The march, organized by the Network for preventing and combatting violence against women, was conducted on the route Universitatii Square – Victoriei Square. The attendants to the protest carried banners with messages like: “We want appropriate politics, and not to be crushed by fists”, “Those who do not react are the aggressor’s accomplices” or “Indifference is feeding violence”. Other messages were also chanted: “The littlest hit’s not love, but hate”, or “I do not feel flattered to be aggressed”, according to Agerpres.

Dragos Pislaru underlined that the patterns based on which society “tolerates a little bit of violence here and there are completely obsolete” and community should always react in such cases, offering support to victims. He recalled that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has always approved the development of a legal document related to the ban, but it’s important for such a measure to be completed by social care services, needed after the victim was separated by the aggressor.

“We are working together with the civil society at the ban which can determine an immediate reaction speed in cases of domestic violence, and we are also working to establish the emergency centers for victims and aggressors. On the other hand, we are working to an entire legal framework to increase punishments in case of domestic violence. (…) (Regarding the ban – e.n.) we have a draft negotiated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the Ministry of Justice, and I believe we are close to a proposal of a legal document which will be able to include this type of ban in practice”, stated the Minister.

According to Pislaru, the Labour Ministry is working together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs also for a project regarding the development of an integrated center for sexual abuse victims.

Minister Violeta Alexandru has underlined that the administration makes steps to provide increasingly more respect to the citizens’ opinions, and in this context people have to learn how to protect their rights.

“I’m not teaching anybody, but through my presence I’m trying to say that I am an ordinary human being, like everybody in this square. My message – the same one that I give it to my daughter – is that you should have the courage to say what bothers you, what you feel is not as you would like it to be. I would say this to everybody: know your rights and have a little bit of courage”, she stated.

The President of the Transcena Association, Mihaela Sasarman, drew attention that this s the second year when such a march is organized, given that 27 percent of the murders committed in 2015 were inside the family. She stressed that the most important request of the NGOs attending to the protest is the introduction of the ban against the violent person right after the aggression was found by the Police.

“We want the solutions for the victims and for their safety to be implemented more quickly, because each day of delay consists in a danger for somebody’s life. Our presence here today mans that we are more people who care and who necessarily wish to change something”, she pointed out.


 Birchall: Violence against women, one of the most serious breaches of the fundamental values


The deputy of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Ana Birchall claims that violence against women remains one of the most serious breaches of the fundamental values.

“Despite the remarkable progresses recorded until now in the field of the human right’s protection, violence against women – including all the forms of violence: domestic, social, physical, psychical, emotional, religious or economic violence – continues to be one of the most serious breaches of the human rights, which is often shrouded in silence”, Ana Birchall mentioned in a press release.

Birchall said, at the meeting in San Francisco, that she initiated since 2013 a legal document regarding the equality, militating for the ratification and entering into force in Romania of the Istanbul Convention on Domestic Violence.

“We must be aware, both in Romania and worldwide, that we are at the beginning of the efforts of reaching zero tolerance against any form of domestic violence. I am glad that Vital Voices are with me, in order to be able to declare 2017 as ‘The Year Without Violence’!”, stated Ana Birchall according to the quoted source.

The PSD MP mentioned that today, Romania is “in a basin choked by migration”, in which context the human trafficking has become a danger for the most vulnerable social categories.

“In Europe, human trafficking has become a scourge that is difficult to be controlled, as the migration crisis has grown, and women and children are vulnerable categories which are often subject to sexual abuse or forced work. We need to be aware about the dimensions and the gravity of these challenges, which are amplified in the last period, facing our region and Europe in general, so that intensifying our efforts to fight against this phenomenon shouldn’t be postponed anymore”, Birchall pointed out at the meeting.

In her opinion, Vital Voices meeting demonstrates once again the essential role of the women in building a better world, including by educating and training the next generations. The upcoming group meeting will be held in Romania.

Vital Voices is a non-governmental organization established in 1997, operating at the global level, which supports and promotes women in order to make them be the main vectors of change in communities and countries where they live, to promote the rules of democracy and the rule of law, and to fight in the same time for justice and social equity.


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