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January 22, 2022

Chamber’s legal committee approves request to prosecute Elena Udrea, vote in the plenary sitting on Tuesday

The Chamber of Deputies legal committee on Monday approved the Prosecutor General’s request to prosecute Deputy Elena Udrea, committee chairman Ciprian Nica announced.

According to Nica, a number of 14 votes were in favour of the justice request, 2 against and there were three abstentions.

Elena Udrea also attended the meeting.

Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar sent last week the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) request to start the prosecution of former minister Elena Udrea, on the counts of instigation to bribe taking concerning the election campaign for the presidential elections of 2009.

The plenary sitting will vote on this request on Tuesday by secret vote with balls.

Last Wednesday, DNA requested for a notice from the Chamber of Deputies to start criminal prosecution for the former Tourism Minister in the case in which she is accused of incitement to bribery, related to the electoral campaign for the presidential elections in 2009.

“The object of the case consists in deeds through which, during the electoral campaign for the presidential elections in 2009, amounts of money coming from criminal deeds were collected and then used to pay services performed in the electoral campaign. Previously, in September 2016, prosecutors have ordered the criminal prosecution against several persons, including Nastasia Gheorghe (Secretary General of the Tourism Ministry at the date of the deed) and Tarhon Victor (who was the President of the Tulcea County Council at the date of the deed) for bribery, as well as against Udrea Elena Gabriela for committing five crimes of money laundry. Following the evidences subsequently considered, new evidences were obtained regarding two bribery offenses committed by Udrea Elena Gabriela, for which the extension of the criminal prosecution is required”, shows the press release issued by the anticorruption prosecutors, posted on the institution’s website.

MP Elena Udrea accused the DNA head, Laura Codruta Kovesi, that by this new criminal prosecution request she tries to escape from the “purple owlet” scandal.


Udrea accuses: Prosecutors wish to make room for technocrats and USR


Elena Udrea launches new accusations against the DNA prosecutors, accusing them to choose their political targets with the purpose to make room for the technocrats and for the Save Romania Union on the political stage. Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies has issued on Monday the favorable notice for DNA’s request to admit the criminal prosecution of Elena Udrea. The final decision will be taken by voting, on Tuesday, in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies.

The former Minister says that she will not ask her MP colleagues to reject the DNA’s request, but she warns them that any of them might be accused by things she has to face.

“I understand my colleagues. I didn’t ask them not to vote. I told them to act as they believe it’s good when it comes about financing electoral campaigns. I imagine that anyone who entered into an electoral campaign knows exactly how it is financed and did exactly the same thing, namely he/she received financing including from trade companies. Since we talk about criminal prosecution, it is usually approved, following the idea ‘not to prevent prosecutors’ work’. Theoretically speaking, it’s a correct thing. The question is if prosecutors are really investigating correctly, if these cases are really random and they don’t choose whom they should investigate. I believe they choose exactly whom they should investigate, when and why they should accuse”, Udrea stated after the meeting of the Legal Committee.

Asked to whom prosecutors want to make room, Udrea said that these are the technocrats and the Save Romania Union (USR).

“Well, for instance, they want to make room to these technocrats. I understand that it was ok with the technocrats. So we made Colectiv, we made people go out in the street, it’s ok with the technocrats, the political class is nasty, politicians must go. Now, technocrats wish to enter into a political party. Well, we should decide if we want technocrats or politicians. How can we make this abnormal combination only to be pleased by the system? Secondly: USR, this party growing in surveys like Prince Charming. You could see in the electoral campaign since 2014, they tried to make Monica Macovei seem to be before me. It was a strategy of the system. It would have been a disaster to have Udrea as the leader of the right. Probably I couldn’t win against Ponta, but I would have been the leader of the right, anyway. In the circumstances of that moment, I remember how the propaganda websites were shouting that Macovei has 12%, 13%, 20%, 30%. It was a tremendous growth. Same is happening here: if we take a look at the surveys, we can see that USR has a tremendous support. It will probably exceed 50 % soon”, Udrea also stated.

The former Minister defined the system as an entity formed “partially by people working in the intelligence services, and partially by people from judiciary, people from other institutions, who have contact with power, trying to serve this cause, to take over the leadership of the country and to install their people”.



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