Psychometric Systems announces the commercial launch of MindMi™ system – a revolutionary product in the field of psychological assessment

  • With the MindMi ™ system a psychological objective evaluation can be done in less than 5 minutes


  • MindMi ™ is a Canadian concept, produced in Romania, revolutionary in the human resources recruitment


Psychometric Systems, a research and development company that operates in the field of psychological assessment, has recently announced  the commercial availability of the MindMi™ system. The product will be marketed, in the first instance, only in the European Union countries.

The MindMi™ system is a product by means of which there is provided a psychological objective profile. Using a non-invasive psy-dumitru-grigore_inventator_mindmi_psychometric-systemsmethod that involves scanning the hands for 5 minutes, the system generates objective psychological reports. The data provided by MindMi ™ system can be used in various fields, particularly in the human resources recruitment or in applied psychology.

The system was developed by Psychometric Systems alongside with the researcher Dumitru Grigore, a Physics Engineer, and is the result of over 15 years of research in the field of psychometrics.

psy-alexandru-galosAlexandru Galos, CEO Psychometric Systems: “The MindMi System is a product which is based on Cloud Computing technology and the electro dermal analysis response. This concept proposes an evaluation system that is very different from the existing ones. The creation of this tool is based on the desire to boost the efficiency of human resources optimization, using advanced technology. ”


A complete psychological profile occurs  in 5 minutes only


The MindiMi system consists of a hardware component of the hands scanner MindSpring and a software one,  of the MindDeck web application. The scanner manufacture takes place in Europe, and is a sensitive stimulator, which registers the electrodermal changes of the examiners. The system collects, analyzes and plays various information obtained in the form of different profiles. Also, through the MindDeck web application the data are saved to be accessed anytime.

The data provided by this system are given in the form of customized reports, which are based on a diverse set of psychological indicators, reflecting cognitive, emotional and social abilities, as well as skills and specific trends.

The realization of the psychological profile occurs in only 5 minutes, following four steps:


  1. The examined person gives his consent after he gets familiar with the non-invasive protocol of the evaluation;


  1. The examined person puts both hands on the scanner, for 5 minutes;


  1. Via the MindDeck web application it generates the desired psychological report out of 7 psychological reports available so far. The report generation takes less than 1 minute;


  1. The results are saved and available anytime. The system user can provide recommendations based on this report of the examined person;

The MindiMi system can generate several kinds of reports, including the personality ones, the group compatibility, that of the cognitive intelligence potential or the potential of emotional intelligence.


The MindiMi system is optimal for many fields of activity


The data generated by the MindiMi system can be used in many fields. These include Human Resources, Coaching, The Applied Psychology, The Judicial Psychology, The Organizational Psychology, The Clinical Psychology, The Psychology of Sport and beyond.

At the design and manufacture of this system has helped a team of experts consisting of psychologists, engineers, researchers and statisticians.



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