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May 8, 2021

The politicians’ reaction to Dacian Ciolos and the ministers’ intention to continue their governance. PSD: They lied. PNL and USR applaud Premier’s announcement

“One by one, the ministers of the Ciolos Government are leaving the Government and preparing to join PNL or USR. Ciolos himself announced last evening a “civilian” platform sown using yellow thread from PNL and President Iohannis’s needle,” Liviu Dragnea said, attacking the technocrats’ intention to continue their political activity after the December 11 elections too.

The possibility that some ministers will run in the elections and Dacian Ciolos’s openness to continue governing were not left without a response from politicians.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea says that although the current ministers were voted in office because they pretended to be independent, with no political affiliations, what is happening lately shows that “they lied.”

“But, as can be seen, the technocrats lied. For them, the governance was a political train they are all now boarding. They didn’t care about the economy, they didn’t care about the people, they didn’t care about the country. They were preoccupied only with their political careers and the arrangement with Iohannis,” the PSD leader argued.

Liviu Dragnea attacked Dacian Ciolos immediately after the latter’s announcement on the continuation of the governing activity, an announcement he made on Thursday evening.

“If I have to win the elections with PSD by lying, it would be better to lose. (…) If these same guys are going to win with these lies, we deserve our fate. (…) I’m not coming before Romanians like Romeo before Juliet, telling them: “These are my thoughts, if you back them I’ll back you.” Is this what we’re supposed to do? Theatre? With this theatre, after 26 years we do not have an expressway running across Romania. That’s where we stand. Romanian capital is being crushed by whom? By multinational companies. Did anyone talk about the competition between [Romanian] chicken producers and the German, Hungarian and Polish ones? Let’s see what’s happening in real life! Does the farmer put on the table the thoughts of Ciolos and who knows what analyst from PNL?” Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday evening on B1TV when asked for his comment on the fact that the Premier announced he will publicly present a platform of principles, Agerpres informs.


Victor Ponta laughs at Dacian Ciolos: ‘He was like Juliet in the balcony’


The former PM Victor Ponta is also in a total war with the technocrat Government. The former Prime-Minister taunts with the chair holder at the Victoria Palace, also criticizing the technocrats from the Ministries. The last TV appearance of Ciolos made Ponta laugh at him live.

“Today, Mr. Ciolos was like Juliet in the balcony. Since PNL was courting him so much, he finally said yes, he will continue the projects”, was Ponta’s irony on the PM, made live on Thursday evening from other television’s studios, when Ciolos was live at Digi24.

The people in the technocrat’s cabinet were also targeted by the heavy words of the social democrat. The first on the list: the Health Minister, Vlad Voiculescu. “The Health Minister didn’t solve the problems with the vaccines for babies, but he was at PNL, at Mrs. Alina Gorghiu. He was live on Facebook today, for 3 hours”, thundered Ponta on Thursday evening at RTV, at Andreea Cretulescu’s TV show.

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna was in her turn criticized by Ponta, referring to the recent scandals in which she is involved, related to the false statements made at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) or to her war with the magistrates because of some statements about their pensions. “Now, anyone goes to ECHR, they will say: ‘You are the guys from that country where Justice Minister lies? Or, about pensions. There wasn’t one billion. Justice Minister is not allowed to say such things. She run from that motion in Parliament. I was there. PNL run to protect Mrs. Pruna from us. Isn’t it ridiculous to see PNL protecting Raluca Pruna? It’s such a good thing for PSD” said Ponta.

MEP Monica Macovei, known as a proximal of Raluca Pruna, was also the victim of Victor Ponta’s revelations. “Mrs. Macovei is not in M10 anymore. She was excluded from EPP, she was excluded from M10. Mrs. Macovei is in North Korea.

Victor Grigorescu, the Energy Minister, was also on Ponta’s list with ironies. “I have 815,000 people accessing my Facebook account. I would ask the Minister to recommend the recipe to me, too. If he got EUR 200,000, how much could I get?”, Ponta wondered, alluding to the scandal in which he is involved, related to the existence of the amount of EUR 200,000 in the statement of assets, which the Minister claims to come from a website (press researches proved that the website is a ghost website) that would cause him incomes of almost RON 800,000 only by renting it.

“There’s a person who lies in the statements of assets, but Ciolos keeps him in office. There’s a person who lied at ECHR, but he keeps her in office. The person at the European Funds was taking something with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, somewhere in Georgia. From getting money from the Foreign Affairs to managing EUR 80 million without Foreign Intelligence Service’s support, is a big difference. We have to save Romania from the Ciolos Government”, Ponta concluded.


Traian Basescu: Ciolos, technocrat’s cynicism


Ex-President Traian Basescu also attacked Dacian Ciolos after the Premier stated on Thursday evening that he is willing to continue governing. The ex-President used as an attack weapon the public subscription campaign for the purchase of the “La Sagesse de la Terre” statue, a campaign which is, in Basescu’s opinion, a big failure and “a lost referendum.”


The “referendum” that Dacian Ciolos lost


“The public subscription that sought to obtain 6 million Euros from the population, in order to buy ‘Wisdom of the Earth”  has been a failure. The 1.2 million collected from the population, in contrast to the 6 asked by the Government, were a severe censure for the real confidence in the Government. A lost referendum. Unfortunately, the failure of the subscription was a blow to the value of Brancusi’s works, and the Premier thirsty for public image is responsible for this. It’s true, the subscription campaign occasioned a good public relations campaign for the Premier, a campaign in which Brancusi and his work did not matter. Technocrat’s cynicism,” Traian Basescu said.


Alina Gorghiu: I believe in the Klaus Iohannis – Dacian Ciolos – PNL reformist axis


As expected, National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu applauded the Premier’s announcement on a possible continuation in office. She said Dacian Ciolos continues to enjoy PNL’s as well as President Iohannis’s support.

“Dacian Ciolos’s decision to continue the projects started is correct and expected. For PNL, they are not a novelty. It’s known that we backed them throughout this year. Obviously, we have to know his whole platform, but to the extent we can find PNL’s priorities in it – a competitive economy, a modern administration, up-to-date education and healthcare sectors, an intelligence public investment policy and generally a state honest with its citizens – then the joint path is confirmed. A solid partnership is needed in order for Romania to move only forward after December 11, and I believe in the Klaus Iohannis – Dacian Ciolos – PNL reformist axis,” Alina Gorghiu wrote on Facebook.


Clotilde Armand: USR and PNL could back same Gov’t and Ciolos’s platform


The Save Romania Union (USR) could back, along with the National Liberal Party (PNL), the same Government, which would not mean an alliance, and, at the same time, it could back Dacian Ciolos’s platform, Clotilde Armand stated on Sunday at a press conference in Sibiu.

Clotilde Armand said that USR will negotiate “on projects” and did not rule out the possibility of backing the same Government alongside PNL.

“We will not form any alliance with PNL. The fact that we can back the same Government doesn’t mean we are forming an alliance. (…) We will negotiate on a platform, on projects. If they are no longer backed we will pull out,” Clotilde Armand said.

Asked whether USR will back Dacian Ciolos’s platform, Clotilde Armand said that it first has to be “discovered.”

“He (the Premier – editor’s note) would like us to back this platform, but we first have to discover it. We don’t know it. If it is in line with our principles and respects the direction we believe in, of course we will back it,” Clotilde Armand added.

In what concerns her, Clotilde Armand said that she will most likely not run for a seat in Parliament.

“I will most likely not run. I wanted to be District 1 Mayor and I continue to want this. I did not take the final decision because it is not entirely up to me. I’m here to help. There are others too who know how I could better to that. My personal opinion is that if I wanted to be mayor – and I believe I will be 4 years from now – in-between these two terms it is not necessary for me to be MP, I should prepare even better to be a better mayor instead,” Clotilde Armand said.

Likewise, asked whether USR’s lists will include members of the Ciolos Government, Clotilde Armand said that “there will be several persons.”

“There will be several persons. (…) Ministers, secretaries of state, there will be at least three. We already have one for sure, who has already resigned, Mr. Manuel Costescu, who is from Sibiu,” Armand said.


Ciolos stands fast: Won’t run in elections but will present platform of principles and values


 Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced that in the coming period he will publicly present a platform of principles, values and projects that will reflect the experience of the months of governance.

“Beyond what PNL [National Liberal Party] and USR [Save Romania Union] are saying now, it is important that we have a discussion on some principles, on some values, on some wide topics which I also believe we must work on in the coming period and then the citizens must be left to decide if these principles, topics can make the object of a governance platform. (…) I plan to come up in the coming period with these principles, with these values, with the projects we initiated and which, in my point of view, could be continued if there is support for these projects… Not a government platform, the government platform is the domain of the parties participating in the elections, but a platform, a project reflecting somehow the experience I gathered these years and, so to speak, the legacy I would leave for the next period, this is what I can contribute with to the debate that will take place in the coming period,” Ciolos told Digi 24 private television broadcaster.

Asked if he has already met with the PNL and the USR to discuss the announced project, Ciolos said that he could have talks with these parties only after he presents the project publicly.

“We mustn’t expect anything very surprising. It is a synthesis and a reflection on what we have worked on so far, the governance manner which we tried to put into practice, based on honesty, based on integrity, based on principles of transparency, professionalism, reforms that we have initiated, many of them because the realities, the context forced us to begin, even if they have to be thought in an outlook longer than one year. Exactly because we have started things that we probably didn’t expect or that we didn’t think in the beginning that we had to work on, and because we realize that in education, healthcare, infrastructure in the cutting of red tape and in hiking the efficiency of public administration, welfare policy versus job creation, in all of these areas there are things that we were somehow compelled to begin and which should be continued, my collaborators and I will write them down and we will present them to the public,” the PM pointed out.

At the same time, Ciolos added that he has not talked with the PNL and the USR about the possibility of these parties supporting him for the office of Prime Minister after the parliamentary elections.

“I haven’t discussed this with them and I am less interested in my being Prime Minister or not, but I am interested in seeing to what extent the good things I have done can be continued. If, one way or another, I can contribute to this, from one office or another, I won’t say I won’t do it, but this is not what matters now and (…) I first want to see what are the reactions to these principles and values that we will present,” Ciolos said.

Premier Ciolos explains why he is NOT running in elections: “The President probably thought I would change my mind”

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos explained on Thursday evening why he will not run in the parliamentary elections scheduled on December 11. The Premier says he chose not to run in order to give the signal that he wants to lead “a Government that would maintain a balance in economic development, in the management of the budget, but also in its interaction with the parties.”

Premier Dacian Ciolos stated that President Klaus Iohannis most likely believed he would change his mind and run in the parliamentary elections, but he pointed out he understands the Head of State.

“I don’t know whether he didn’t believe me. He probably thought I would change my mind as time goes by. And I can understand him, just like I can understand many of those saying: “You said at the beginning you would not run, but probably as time passes by, if you realise the best way to continue some things is to get directly involved, and this entails running for office, you’ll change your mind.” And here we are not talking about reconsidering or not. But I believe that as long as I took a commitment not to run, precisely in order to give this signal that I want to lead a Government that would maintain a balance in economic development, in the management of the budget, but also in its interaction with the parties,” Dacian Ciolos stated for Digi24.

The Premier added that in an elections year and in a context that is “so unpredictable in this region,” it is important to offer signs of predictability and stability in the way the country is managed.

Ciolos added that he wants to see certain projects continued. “This was my objective from the start and that is why I said I will not run and I will not use my position in order to possibly use my public relations capital in a political party or by running in the elections as long as I’m also governing in a Government that was asked to be independent right from the start. Of course, this does not mean I don’t want to see certain projects continued, that I don’t want to see continued certain principles and certain values we tried to implement in the manner of governance. But I believe these things can be done differently too, without breaking my word and commitment,” the Premier added.


“I talked with ministers who will run in parliamentary elections; they will resign from Gov’t”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos confirmed on Friday he had talks with some ministers who plan to run in the parliamentary elections on party lists, pointing out that they will resign from the Government.

Asked if he had talks with some ministers who want to run in the elections, Ciolos said: “Yes, I had talks with some of them and most likely, in the coming period, they will also announce the decision they have taken. Obviously [they will resign], for certain.”

The Prime Minister made these statements on Friday after taking part in the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) strategic meeting for developing the ‘Laser Valley-Land of Lights – intelligent territorial development’ concept.





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