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September 23, 2021

Vasile Baga, heard at DNA Ploiesti. He relied on the right to remain silent

The former Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Vasile Blaga was heard on Monday at the Ploiesti National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) in the file in which he is criminally prosecuted for influence peddling.

He relied on the right to remain silent, stated sources close to the investigation for Agerpres.

According to them, Blaga hasn’t made statements previously in the file in which he is criminally prosecuted under judicial control for influence peddling, asking to be allowed study the file.

Vasile Blaga was at DNA Ploiesti for about 20 minutes. He didn’t want to make any press statement either when entering, or when exiting. “I don’t make any statement, since I don’t have anything to declare”, said Vasile Blaga.

The former PNL leader Vasile Blaga was placed under judicial control in the file in which he is investigated for influence peddling. DNA prosecutors accuses Vasile Blaga to have received repeatedly, in the 2011-2912 period, three times, by an interposed person, a total amount of EUR 200,000, as well as the amount of EUR 500,000 from Gheorghe Stefan, which he knew where they come from.

In the file are also criminally prosecuted Gheorghe Stefan, who was the Vice-President of a government party and the Mayor of Piatra Neamt Municipality at the date of the deeds, for influence peddling and using the influence of the leading position in a political party to obtain money, goods or other undue benefits, and Horatiu Bruno Berdila, a representative of a trade company, for buying influence.

Prosecutors claim that in 2009, within the government political formation (e.n. – the Liberal Democrat Party (PDL)  who supported the former President Traian Basescu in the presidential elections), there was an obvious agreement between leading persons – the Secretary General Vasile Blaga and the Vice-President Gheorghe Stefan – in order to obtain money for the party.

“According to this agreement, this was going to be done by appointing, with the support of the ministers politically appointed, certain agreed persons to lead the national companies and public institutions under these ministries, through which public procurement contracts were going to be assigned to companies willing to ‘contribute’ for the political formation whose members the two named persons were. To this end, the suspect Stefan directly used the influence he had in the political environment, causing the persons having the power to decide at the level of the ministries in charge to appoint a certain person at the leadership of a national company from the energy field”, states DNA.

Prosecutors found that the respective person was agreed by Gheorghe Stefan and Vasile Blaga and  was willing to (indirectly) contribute to financing the party with amounts of money, by preferentially assigning public procurement contracts to various indicated companies.

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