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April 14, 2021

Dispute between Liberals and Bucharest Mayor. PNL keeps mum about pro-Government rally in Bucharest, accuses Firea of politicizing normal initiative

Gabriela Firea: 50,000-strong PNL rally in Bucharest. I’m not to blame for the chaos next Saturday


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea announced on Sunday on Romania TV that the National Liberal Party (PNL) has requested a permit for a public rally of support for the technocrat Government, the number of participants being estimated at 50,000 persons.

“The Bucharest City Hall has received from PNL a request to approve a political rally for October 22, so next Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., a rally in support of the technocrat Government, in Victoriei Square, within the perimeter located between Aviatorilor Boulevard, Kiseleff Park, and the Ion Mihalache, Titulescu, Calea Victoriei and Lascar Catargiu boulevards. (…) PNL and USR are probably vying over who is a stronger backer of an inefficient Government, a Government consisting of ministers recommended not by their own competence but by multinational companies. This is what it reads, look, public rally’s organiser: PNL. Objective of the public rally: meeting of support for the technocrat Government. Number of participants: around 50,000 persons from Bucharest and other parts of the country. So they will come with motor coaches and will gridlock Bucharest next Saturday,” the Bucharest Mayor said, being quoted by Agerpres.

“I take this opportunity to ask Bucharesters to understand that I am not to blame for the fact that there will be chaos in Bucharest because PNL wants to support the “nil” technocrat Government. It’s their right,” Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea added.


PNL: Unfortunately, Firea is behaving like a Social Democrat Bucharest Mayor, not like the mayor of all Bucharesters


The National Liberal Party (PNL) will announce in the following days whether it will organise a pro-Government rally in downtown Bucharest, adding that Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea is politicising a normal initiative.

“We will reveal in the following days PNL’s political actions and political strategy, however, in what concerns the Bucharest Mayor’s reaction to a possible public rally organised by PNL, I have the following comment: unfortunately, Ms. Firea is behaving like a Social Democrat Bucharest Mayor, not like the mayor of [all] Bucharesters,” PNL Vice President Raluca Turcan (photo)  stated on Monday.

She claimed that Firea is politicising a normal initiative.

“Any person, party or non-governmental organisation can organise public rallies, can request a permit to organise public rallies. So, I don’t see why Ms. Firea has to politicise an initiative that is normal and has to do with democratic principles, with the freedom to assemble and freedom of expression,” Turcan said.

In order to take a decision on the public rally, PNL is waiting for the approval of the request filed with the Bucharest City Hall. The PNL Lower Chamber MP pointed out that the Liberals want to militate for “a democratic Romania, a functional judiciary, good governance, education and development.”

In his turn, PNL Lower Chamber MP Ovidiu Raetchi accused Firea of abuse of power.

“How is it possible for the Bucharest Mayor to take a document from the City Hall in order to present it on television and in order to mix the office she holds in political disputes? The document was addressed to the Bucharest City Hall, not to politician Gabriel Firea for her to use as she pleases. Ms. Firea’s reaction lives up to PSD’s most sinister and communist side: instead of treating a public rally request in an institutional manner, the Bucharest Mayor hastens to publicly demonise it by talking about the gridlocking of Bucharest, a problem that did not seem to bother her when it came to Mr. Ponta’s public rally at the stadium,” Ovidiu Raetchi points out in a press release.


Alina Gorghiu: PNL and USR will back nominating Dacian Ciolos for PM’s office after elections


PNL President Alina Gorghiu stated on Sunday evening that both the party she leads and USR will back nominating Dacian Ciolos for the Prime Minister’s office after the parliamentary elections in December, and that she sees the platform announced as the start of a campaign with Dacian Ciolos as the nominee.

“Dacian Ciolos will be the common denominator of a formula which I consider essential for the change we need at this moment in Romania. Both we and USR will back nominating Dacian Ciolos for the Prime Minister’s office and this platform is somewhat the start of a campaign with Dacian Ciolos as the nominee. That’s how I see it, Dacian Ciolos will contradict me if it’s not so,” Alina Gorghiu stated.

She said that PSD is parading with Liviu Dragnea as nominee for the Prime Minister’s office.

Gorghiu also talked about the current Government’s results: “This Government did good things too, there were some faux pas too, but our support for Dacian Ciolos was constant.”

Asked whether she trusts Dacian Ciolos, according to news.ro, Alina Gorghiu answered: “Trust is to say the least, I will take to this partnership if Mr. Dacian Ciolos will also want to.”

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