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Mayor Gabriela Firea: My actions have inconvenienced Bucharest City Hall’s special interest groups. I received threats

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Realitatea TV on Sunday that she received threats immediately after she took office and started asking for details on contracts that the City Hall is running with various private companies.

Mayor Gabriela Firea publicly stated she received threats, in traffic but also by email and on social media pages, after she started auditing the public contracts that the City Hall awarded to various private companies.

“My statements, but especially my actions, have greatly inconvenienced the special interest groups within the Bucharest City Hall,” the Bucharest Mayor stated on Realitatea TV on Sunday evening, pointing out that her car was tailed in traffic on several occasions and she received threats online.

“Certain special interest groups are bothered that I ended up being mayor. I received emails that millions were spent in the elections campaign in order to prevent me from becoming mayor, to smear me and for compromising files to be drafted,” Firea pointed out, adding that the City Hall’s budget, of almost 1 billion Euros per year, and the City Hall’s contracts with various private companies are at stake.

“These businessmen who won contracts with the Bucharest City Hall wanted the Bucharest City Hall to remain under PNL’s auspices,” the Bucharest Mayor pointed out, adding that the threats to have her “sent to prison” also targeted her husband Florentin Pandele.

At the same time, Firea also pointed out that this winter Bucharesters will not have problems with warm water and heating, since the utilities will be supplied within normal parameters during the cold season.


Firea wants another term as Bucharest Mayor. Whom PSD wants as Premier after elections


Gabriela Firea also stated that she intends to run for a new term in office four years from now provided she manages to attain all of her objectives.

“If I carry out all the objectives at the Bucharest City Hall and, as you know me to be a hard-working, tenacious and ambitious person, I believe that together with my team and with the Bucharesters’ support we will complete these projects, I will probably – I cannot tell you now – run for another term as Bucharest Mayor. Probably, I don’t know at this moment. (…) Administratively, I feel better in this domain, I feel better prepared. I’ve proved in four months’ time that I’ve unblocked projects that were running behind schedule for a year, a year and a half, at the Bucharest City Hall,” Gabriela Firea stated on Realitatea TV on Sunday evening.

At the same time, Gabriela Firea pointed out that PSD President Liviu Dragnea would be “the most justified” to be nominated as Premier in case PSD is part of the parliamentary majority after the December elections, but she pointed out that the party’s leader is yet to take a decision in this sense.

“Mr. Dragnea did not receive a suspended sentence for corruption. It concerned the referendum case, and what Mr. Dragnea did at the referendum is what Mr. Iohannis and the whole of PNL and the whole of PSD did, namely they encouraged people to go out and vote one way or the other. They weren’t told “vote yes or vote no,” they were only told to vote at the referendum. (…) We don’t know what line-up PSD will show up with. The fact conjectural charges are levied is as if the decision is 100 percent taken and the President is already telling us: “I turned it down.” No, it’s normal to first wait for the Romanians’ vote, to see the structure of the parliamentary majority,” Gabriela Firea explained.


Avangarde poll: Firea, second-highest approval rating


An Avangarde opinion poll conducted from October 5 to October 12 credits Gabriela Firea with the second-highest approval rating. President Klaus Iohannis tops the approval rating rankings. He is followed by Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea. Ex-Premier Victor Ponta is third, in a tie with incumbent Premier Dacian Ciolos.

Thus, Klaus Iohannis has an approval rating of 49 percent, followed by Gabriela Firea (48 percent), Victor Ponta (45 percent), Dacian Ciolos (45 percent) and Ecaterina Andronescu (44 percent). PNL President Alina Gorghiu is credited with only 26 percent, while PMP President Traian Basescu scores only 22 percent.

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