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August 10, 2022

Monica Macovei accused of not paying arrears from 2014 elections campaign

Sorin Avram, known journalist and video producer, accuses M10 President Monica Macovei of not paying for the campaign spots she used in the elections campaign of 2014, back when the former Justice Minister ran for President. The journalist did not reveal the sum owed but pointed out that Monica Macovei collected campaign contributions and bought an apartment in the meantime.

Sorin Avram claims that although he produced over 70 video materials for Monica Macovei, she did not report any of them to the Standing Electoral Authority, as required by law. In what concerns the money, the journalist claims he still has to collect arrears but Monica Macovei kept postponing the payment up until he found out their contract had disappeared.

All of that against the backdrop in which Monica Macovei collected campaign contributions up until the last day of the campaign and even afterward.

“At the end of the presidential campaign two years ago, Monica Macovei reported to the AEP a number of 0 (zero) video spots produced for her in the campaign. I alone have produced around 70 of them, but there were others too. The law required her to report all campaign advertising materials, down to the last flyer.”

“She still had to pay me the second instalment stipulated in the contract. She told me I should wait because there are no more funds. In reality, almost 17,000 Euros in campaign contributions entered her bank account in the last two days of the campaign alone, and a bit afterward, through her famous crowdfunding. The exact sum was 73,028 Lei.”

“She kept promising to do so for another year. She told me she would pay the arrears in instalments, or that she would pay me next autumn. I believed her, that’s how it is when you think you’re working for honest people. Long after the autumn had ended, she no longer admitted we had had a contract. I was to find out later that the contract had been “removed” from the campaign documents right around the elections date.”

“And I subsequently found out that during that year during which she kept postponing the payment, arguing she did not have money, Monica Macovei bought a new apartment on Luca Stroici Street in Bucharest.”

“A new elections campaign is about to start. If you see Monica Macovei waving the anti-corruption sword with her right hand, pay attention where her left hand is. It may be in someone else’s pockets.”

“Unlike others, my parting of ways with Monica Macovei was not based on principles and ideas, but on a trivial sting,” Sorin Avram wrote on Facebook.

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