Peter Hurley, AGERPRES, win ”Autumn at Voronet” film festival excellence diplomas, trophy

Irishman Peter Hurley and the AGERPRES National News Agency, enthusiastically welcomed at the gala awards of the ”Toamna la Voronet” (Autumn at Voronet) International Film, Diorama and Photography Festival have been presented excellence diplomas and the festival’s trophy.

AGERPRES Director General Alexandru Giboi (photo L) was awarded a diploma and the trophy for the agency’s exhibition called ”Discover the AGERPRES Picture Library,” mounted at his initiative, as well as for AGERPRES’s Camelia Moise’s video ”Discover Romania with Peter Hurley.”

”Thank you very much! This is a unique opportunity for us, because it is not every day that you have the opportunity to sit at the same table, mount the same stages and display your products in the same place with the productions of filmmaking titans. Just being here is an honour to me. Thank you very much! Congratulations to you on the organisation! Hopefully, we will be with you and support you in the next editions,” Giboi told the award ceremony.

The surprise of the event was Peter Hurley who  attended the award ceremony in person, coming from Sapanta, where he was on a pilgrimage alongside 120 young people from Cluj. He was carrying a peasant bag from Maramures and a traditional round bread he was showing to the public to explain that he was coming from a remembrance ceremony 40 days after the death of his father, who died in Ireland aged 90.

”I believe life in Romania deserved being continually filmed. I am very glad to be here. I was on my way to Sapanta and it also happened that I could come to be here as well. They let me strike the semantron at the entrance to the Sapanta [cemetery]. That makes for a very beautiful epitaph about an Irishman striking the semantron with 120 young Christian Orthodox people on their way to the Merry Cemetery,” said Hurley.

He said this was his second time at Gura Humorului, after two years previously he had stopped here for rest as he was walking from Cernauti to Ceahlau.

”This is my second time at Gura Humorului. My first time was two years ago in December, when I was walking from Cernauti and three weeks later I was climbing Mount Ceahlau. I have very fond memories of Gura Humorului. Living in Romania is a great blessing to me. When everybody was taking the opposite direction; I came and I knew I would stay, I have never doubted that. I cannot say I am Romanian, but I feel increasingly more like a Romanian. Life in Romania is a challenge to everyone. It is not easy in the least. And precisely because it is a challenge, [Romania] is loved by God. And because of this love of God and of all saints toward Romania and all the people who have lived and sacrificed themselves here a burning fire is created, a spiritual fire where I get warm. So, I do not know what I am, but I know where I want to be,” said Hurley.


”Radu Bercea-Istoria unui destin” wins ”Autumn at Voronet” award for best documentary


”Radu Bercea – Istoria unui destin” (Radu-Bercea – The History of a Destiny), direction and photography by Paul Palencsar, has won the UCIN award of Romania’s Union of Filmmakers for the best documentary at the 36th edition of the ”Toamna la Voronet” (Autumn at Voronet) International Film, Diorama and Photography Festival, unfolded October 13-16 at northeastern Gura Humorului.

The best director award in the same category went to Vlad Alexandrescu for his ”We fly again,’ and to Iulia Matei for her ”Statia 15033” (Station 15033).

The best photography award went to Florin Alexandrescu for ”Radacinile sufletului” (Soul’s Roots), while a special citation was bestowed on Israeli’s ”The Meadow,” directed by Jela Hasler, photography by Andi Widmer.

The best film award in the student’s film category, presented by DacinSara went to ”The return of Erkin,” directed by Maria Guskova, photography by Denis Guskov.

Also awarded in the same category were Isabela Tent’s ”Chat with Alice,” for direction, and Moldova’s Nicu Dragan’s ”Paparuda” (Rainmaker) for photography.

In the travel film category, UCIN presented its best film award to Hadrian Gavrilutiu’s depiction of wooden churches from Harghita County, photography by Mihai Ionescu, while a special jury award went to a film on Rosia Montana today, direction and photography by Ion Cristodulo.

As many as 132 films competed in this year’s edition of the festival.

Productions came from nine countries: South Africa, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, India, Japan, Lebanon, the UK, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and the US.

Qualifying for the final were 39 films, running in three categories: documentary film (short and medium feature), student’s film (fiction shorts, documentaries, animations and experimental) and travel film (shorts).

Making up the jury were Ana Vlad (preselection), Mihai Fulger (preselection), Nicolae Margineanu, Ileana Popovici, Andrei Giurgia (director of the ”Evenings of Romanian Films” (SFR) Festival in Iasi), Manuela Harabor, Elisabeta Bostan (representing DacinSara), as well as Laurentiu Damian (representing UCIN).

Organisers were the Gura Humorului City Hall, the Gura Humorului Cultural Centre, the Suceava County Council and the Bucovina Cultural Centre, partnered up with the UCIN Union of Romanian Filmmakers, DacinSara, MDV Audio Studio, IPCE Scientific Society, Alexandru cel Bun Collegiate High School of Gura Humorului and the Best Western Bucovina.

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