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May 21, 2022

President Iohannis visits Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant: Besides energy independence, we need to have energy security

“Today, Romania has a huge potential in the energy area. We have the Nuclear Power Plant, it’s obvious that you’re on the first place today, we have classical energy producers, but we have important resources, natural gas, oil, and all these create us, give Romania, special opportunities, as well as specific problems, definitely”, stated President Klaus Iohannis at Cernavoda on Tuesday, within a meeting with the employees of the Nuclear Power Plant.

“For this reason, it’s very important for us to further act in an intelligent manner. We need a lot of intelligence and vision to use these opportunities. I will refer again to the energy you produce. It’s an extremely important asset that Romania has a complete nuclear cycle. This advantage is a significant one and we must keep it. We assist lately to several unsatisfying solutions, and I’m not talking here about the unit where we are, but about related industries, where things seem to have gone into obscurity and, for sure, it requires an additional attention from the government for the whole cycle”, stated the Head of State.

Klaus Iohannis said that Romania is almost independent in terms of energy, being placed on the third position in EU regarding this indicator of energy independence.

“But these things are not automatically maintained. We need a well done, well designed strategy in the energy field, and at this point, the place and the role of the Cernavoda Power Plant must be an extremely, extremely important one”, he said, underlining that the Government is working to the Energy Strategy of Romania for the 2016-2030 period, which he called “an important challenge”.

Iohannis highlighted the need to keep the security level reached by the Cernavoda Power Plant by new investments.

“Nobody wants an unsecured nuclear power plant. We wish to maintain this extraordinary security and reliability level for Romania reached by you and for which you definitely deserve my congratulations”,

“Without investments, things stagnate, and then they deteriorate. You know very well that all of us intend to develop units III and IV. In the Supreme Council of National Defense, this issue was discussed and we have decided that these investments in units III and IV are strategic investments for Romania, they are of a national importance. I hope we will have a significant progress. The governmental authorities, together with the leadership of the National Company, are working to these negotiations which I imagine they could conclude in a reasonable term, maybe next year, and then we will be able to enter into a real area of developing the investment, which would be beneficial for Romania”, the Head of State added.

He underlined the importance for Romania to reach the energy security, beyond reaching the energy independence.

“Besides energy independence, which is ok to be reached, we have to think at the energy security. Pople have to be sure and industry has to be sure that the access to energy is guaranteed in Romania. This is possible only by accepting interconnection. Without interconnection with the other countries in our region, especially with EU, we will not be able to have an energy security. This notion was used very often recently also in the European Council, it represents our concern, and investments in this area, in our opinion, are clearly improving the energy security not only for Romania, but also for the entire region”, the President also stated.

On December 2, we will celebrate 20 years since the commissioning of the first unit, while the second unit was put into operation in 2007, the power plant currently providing almost 20 percent of the consumed energy in Romania.

“I believe it would be very good to reach 30 percent, maybe, and then we’ll have a pretty well defined target, and we will be able to go towards something much more important than the energy independence, namely energy security”, Iohannis also stated.


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