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November 15, 2019

Ciolos’s platform, disbanded by Basescu and Tariceanu

*Basescu: Haven’t seen anything more ridiculous for someone who wants to be Premier


Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu launched a harsh attack on Premier Ciolos’s most recent move. “I’ve looked at this platform. I haven’t seen anything more ridiculous for someone who wants to be Prime Minister,” the ex-President said.

“It’s a Decalogue of principles. We can find them, check the EPP’s political platform, check the political platform of European Socialists and you’ll find all those 10 principles expressed more or less the same.

But we are talking about a government platform, what he has is a political party platform. From a government platform I want to know what he is doing with the priorities: education, healthcare, the birth rate. These are 3 fundamental problems without which Romania will sink in the next 20 years.

The school dropout rate has reached 18-20 percent. Do you want to imagine Romania 20 years from now with 20 percent of its citizens not being graduates? This is what I was expecting him to tell me. We have a fundamental problem with the birth rate and the school dropout rate. Do I build nurseries? Do I build kindergartens? Do I solve the school dropout problem? How? What are the measures for this foreshadowing drama?

In the platform, he’s telling me that healthcare is a priority. Well, Mr. Ciolos, you had in Parliament the healthcare law drafted by the presidential commission chaired by professor Vladescu. A negative report was issued on it. So, when you are in Government you are not interested in healthcare and you’re telling me in a generic platform that healthcare is a priority.

I’m telling you that education, healthcare, the birth rate are Romania’s fundamental problems without which we will crash in the next 15-20 years because they are all below standard,” Traian Basescu said, according to b1.ro.


What would Basescu do


“If I were in Ciolos’s shoes, you know at European Union level there is a package called economic governance. That economic governance package, apart from the famous MTO, I would have liked to find out from the Premier’s platform when he wants us to reach 1 percent structural deficit. It’s fundamental to know if he has that objective or not. I would have liked to know when he forecasts our Euro Area accession or whether we give up on it. I would have liked to know how we fare with Agenda 2020. So by 2020 we have to attain goals in what concerns energy, school dropout, employment of 70 percent of the 15-64 age bracket, boosting energy efficiency, lowering poverty.

He offers a demagogical political platform, without resources. This platform is the mirror of the Premier, the Premier who has all information. There is no person in Romania, not even the President, who could have drafted a government platform, not a political platform, because Ciolos is not a political party. A government platform in which we should have read ‘I’m building Pitesti-Sibiu [expressway], [with] EU, EIB, state funds,’” the ex-President commented.


“Ciolos wants to be on winning side without taking risks”


“I’ve figured Ciolos out. Ciolos wants to be on the winning side (…) without taking risks,” Basescu said. He claimed that the Premier is governing with the Liberals and has a member of PSD as Chief of Cabinet.

“I backed him – I was President when the current European Commission was formed with Jean Claude Juncker – for an agriculture mandate. I had almost reached an agreement with Juncker, for agriculture or regional development. (…) I called Jean Claude because the deadline was approaching. Being a staunch EPP member, Jean Claude Juncker told me: Well, Ciolos came to tell me that if the agriculture portfolio is offered to the Socialists he will join the Socialists. This is Ciolos now, this is the character of an honest man. (…) As proof, he is now governing with the Liberals, but his Chief of Cabinet, his right-hand man as aide, is from PSD. So Ciolos has always placed his eggs in all baskets through unbelievable cunningness. The honest man, the same honest man kept Toba [in office] and is keeping that slick guy from the energy [ministry],” Basescu added.

According to the PMP leader, “Dacian Ciolos is not acting in the play President Iohannis, Ms. Gorghiu and the Liberals cast him in, he is acting in his own play.” “Written by him, and in my opinion he is waiting to see who the winner is,” Basescu added.


Tariceanu, after launch of ‘Romania 100’ project: If you want to be PM after elections, run for office


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Tuesday that the platform presented by Dacian Ciolos represents “a continuation of the tactic to mislead Romanians, a tactic launched after the Colectiv tragedy.”

“My first observation is that the text signed by Mr. Ciolos does not belong to him, but was instead written by those who are using him as a front for their personal interests or the interests of a small group of initiates from the Presidency and the PNL. The authors of the Platform have adopted well-known components of the anti-Constitutional discourse promoted by President Iohannis. (…) They, the signatories of the Platform, are the society, while the rest are intruders, have no place being there, so “you should leave and make room for us.” If you don’t leave, you know well that the DNA is working,” Tariceanu points out in a communique remitted to Mediafax.

He expresses his perplexity that Dacian Ciolos signs as a simple citizen despite being “President Iohannis and PNL’s favourite for the office of future Premier.”

“This mixture of capacities, which does not show whether he is just the incumbent Prime Minister or sees himself holding this office in the future too, whether he will be a simple Romanian-French citizen residing in Brussels or will join PNL, it’s a continuation of “my Government’s” “step by step” tactic to mislead Romanians, a tactic launched after the Colectiv tragedy,” the Senate Speaker points out.

He directly told the Premier that he has to join a political party.

“If you have signed the Platform as a simple citizen, I will treat it as many other suggestions I receive at the ALDE headquarters from voters who, like you, want things to go well so they wouldn’t go badly. If you chose to be a future former Prime Minister, the copyright over the Platform can be ceded to a publishing house interested in your memoirs. If you want to hold the Prime Minister’s office after the elections, democracy’s rule is simple and is known to you: you join a political party, your party drafts a government platform and you show up with it before voters,” Tariceanu’s message for Ciolos reads.

He concludes his message with a brief comment for “those who pretend they haven’t figured out the DNA’s role in the elections and pretend that I’m against the judiciary.”

“The case files handled by the DNA, in which Vasile Blaga is involved, are considerably old. Amazing coincidence: they were picked up from the prosecutors’ file cabinets at the right moment in order to vacate a PNL Co-President office. The next step was taken yesterday, with the publication of the Platform. Vacating the office of PNL President, currently held by Alina Gorghiu, in favour of Dacian Ciolos, will soon be next. The artillery’s preparatory fire has started with the summoning of Ms. Gorghiu at the High Court and the revelations published by the division of undercover agents in the press,” Tariceanu pointed out.








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