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January 25, 2022

Colleagues and family commemorated Bogdan Gigina one year after the death of the police officer

Dozens of police officer from the Road Brigade, Bogdan Gigina’s family and his friends have commemorated on Thursday the police officer who died during his mission, being designated on the evening of October 20, 2015 to open the motorcade accompanying Gabriel Oprea, who was Vice-Prime-Minister and Interior Minister at that time.

At the cross arranged at the place of the accident by Bogdan Gigina’s family on the Stirbei Voda Boulevard, a priest held a service and the police officers lit candles, brought flowers and kept a moment of silence. Bogdan Gigina’s father, who is a police officer within the Road Brigade, was also present at the ceremony, together with the former police agent’s wife and his friends. They went later to Bogdan Gigina’s tomb.

“Bogdan was our colleague, he still is our colleague to us; he went in a mission from which he never came back. It’s a sad day and we’ve decided to commemorate him by coming here and going to the cemetery. (…) We are police officers and we know how investigations are made. In order to have a knowledgeable decision, a detailed investigation is necessary, determining who is really guilty for our colleague’s death. (…) Now there is not the same pressure. Motorcades are provided at central level, IGPR and Road Brigade are not so tensed anymore. There is a different approach today. Our leaders are more open, more communicative, things have changed a little bit, at least regarding communication and logistics, and I am talking about vehicles and motorcycles; things are different. We feel it better. Communication was more closed, it wasn’t a real vertical communication, namely between subordinates and their chiefs. Now there’s a better communication”, stated police officer Valentin Riciu, quoted by Mediafax.

Also as a commemorating moment, a 7.02 pm, the time of the accident occurred last year, the head of the Bucharest Police said a few words in the memory of Bogdan Gigina through the police radio stations, after a moment of silence, and the police cars ran with lighted lamps.

Bogdan Gigina was 28 years old and he was an employee of the Bucharest Road Brigade since eight years. In the evening of October 20, 2015, agent Gigina was designated to open the motorcade accompanying Gabriel Oprea, who was Vice-Prime-Minister and Interior Minister at that time. On a drizzle, having low visibility and a speed of 84 km/hour, according to the prosecutors, the agent lost the control of the motorcycle on the Stirbei Voda Boulevard, falling in a pit that was dug for fixing a damage to the gas distribution network.


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