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April 22, 2021

From the Government agenda

Financial measures to support farmers


The Government adopted on Wednesday a decision through which the transfer of 1.4 billion lei from the Privatisation Fund from the Finance Ministry to the Agriculture Ministry will be allowed, in order to grant the advances to the direct payments for 2016, Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu announced in a briefing at Victoria Palace.

“From approximately 900,000 applicants we intend to pay between 700 and 800,000 beneficiaries. (…) Probably next week we will have at our disposal the money paid to the farmers. We are focusing very much on the payments that we have to make in October. (…) The great advantage of making large payments in October, as we proposed to do, is that the refunded money from the Commission will arrive before the end of the year and this way we avoid the budget deficit problem. If we succeed in paying somewhere over 800 million Euros, as we have proposed, and add up the 2.5 billion which have been gathered until now, there will be a record for the Agriculture Ministry to pay almost 3.5 billion within a year,” Irimescu stated.

After completing the payments to the Payments and Investments Agency for Agriculture, the corresponding documents of those payments will be sent to the European Commission through the monthly expense statement and the Commission will refund them to the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, afterwards they will be refunded to the Public Finance Ministry until the end of this year, a release on this topic of the Executive reveals.



Humanitarian aids limited at 177 million lei for people affected by floods in Galati County


The Government took out products from the State Reserve, limited at 177 million lei, in order to grant emergency humanitarian aids to the population affected by the massive rainfalls in Galati County, Spokesman of the Executive Liviu Iolu (photo) announced.

“There were taken out from the State Reserve 18,000 liters of mineral water, 3.6 tons of pork cans, 3 tons of liver pate cans, 20 tons of diesel fuel and one ton of gasoline, which were distributed for the inhabitants of Pechea, Cuza Voda and Slobozia Conachi villages from Galati County,” Iolu stated in a briefing at Victoria Palace.

According to him, the decision adopted by the Government practically completes the stocks from the State Reserve because those products have already reached the population.


Premier’s Control Body on fact-finding mission at Economy Ministry over Romania’s participation in SIAL Paris 2016


The Prime Minister’s Control Body started a fact-finding mission at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment regarding Romania’s participation in the SIAL Paris international food exhibition, Government spokesman Liviu Iolu announced on Wednesday.

“The matter is (…) in Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos’s attention and the Premier’s Control Body started this morning a fact-finding mission at the seat of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment regarding the steps taken by the Ministry to arrange Romania’s participation in the SIAL global food exhibition. Specifically, under scrutiny is the manner the space for Romania’s pavilion was leased, the contract awarding procedure and the amounts paid to ensure Romania’s participation in the food industry fair,” Iolu told a briefing at the Victoria Palace of Government.

According to the spokesman, the Prime Minister will draw the necessary conclusions after the Control Body completes the action.

The action was ordered in the context where the Economy Ministry has come under fire for allegedly failing to provide financial support for small producers to properly display their offer at the fair.


FinMin Dragu: Budget adjustment scheduled for November, we’ll scrutinize projects’ implementation stage


The Government will operate a new budget adjustment in November, when money will be redirected from investment projects with meager chances to be implemented to those with better implementation, Minister of Public Finance Anca Dragu said on Wednesday.

“On the occasion of the adjustment we’ll look at the projects the ministries have unfolded and wherever there is no reasonable hope for the project to be implemented, the money will be redirected to projects with a better implementation,” Dragu explained.

Regarding this year’s budget deficit, the FinMin said that the set target won’t be modified, but an analysis will be conducted based on current data to determine if the deficit will be below the target, due to the non-completion of certain investments.

The government this year approved a first budget adjustment in August.

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