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March 24, 2023

One year since the tragedy in the Colectiv Club: 10 days before the commemoration, “Goodbye to Gravity”, releases “Heed the Call” video. “The video is dedicated to the friends we lost. Remember them”

The new video of the band “Goodbye to Gravity” is “Heed the Call” and it was released on Thursday, just 10 days before commemorating one year since the tragedy in the Colectiv club. In the fire, four members of the rock band died. The only one still alive is the lead singer Andrei Galut.

“This video was filmed during a live performance in April, 2015. Unfortunately, things didn’t work according to the plan. The video is dedicated to the friends we lost. Remember them”, is shown in the beginning of the video of the song called “Heed the call”.

On the Facebook page of the band Goodbye to Gravity, we can find a touching message. The moment when the band was preparing the album “Mantras of War” is recalled. The rock music of the band Goodbye to Gravity was shattered in the evening of the tragedy, when 64 people have died and 160 people have been injured: “The love for music shared by the five artists was silenced”. Below you can find the entire Facebook message of the band:

“Almost one year since the last post on this page, we come back with the hardest message we’ve ever written. In 2015, about this period, the band Goodbye to Gravity was preparing to release their new album, called “Mantras of War”. The band had lots of plans: to make the most ambitious videos in their career, to provide excellent performances and to travel in a long national tournament, followed by their first European tournament. Music was the most important, and the boys wanted it to reach as many people as possible”, wrote the band’s representatives on the official Facebook page.

“But in the evening of 30 October, hope turned into ashes. Almost everything prepared for the fans unti then was lost. The love for music shared by the five artists was silenced. We’ll never be able to sit in the first line at their concerts to enjoy their powerful songs, full of meaning. But what we can do is not to forget the overwhelming power of creation of the band. Again, it’s October, one year later… We still grieve those we have lost and we remember them and what they left behind”, added the representatives of the band on Facebook.

The representatives of the band recall the message of the song “Heed the Call” about the pure energy of music and the immortal legacy of the band “Goodbye to Gravity”.

“<Heed the Call> is a song that should have had another story. The video was originally filmed to highlight the pure energy feeding the band’s concerts, as well as the loyalty which the five musicians had for their art. Now, both the song and the video have a deeper significance – they recall us the immortal legacy of the band, showing us that Goodbye to Gravity will always be with us, in our souls. We will continue to honor the memory of the bend through future approaches, which you will be able to watch by accessing this page, which will be updated with new information.”

In the end, the representatives of the band sent a message for the lead singer Andrei Galut: “(…) We invite you to watch the video below, made in the memory of Alex, Mihai, Vlad and Bogdan, as well as of all who we’ve lost. Our thoughts are turning to Andrei, who continues to fight for his health through surgery and recovery procedures.”

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