President Iohannis: If Ciolos was good for a year, how is he not good any further

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday in Brussels that Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos remains a good option to rule the future Government, on the condition he is supported by the parties.

“Of course he is a good alternative. If he was good for a year and I designated him, how is he not good any further also. But this designation depends on the parties. If the parties assume this proposal, than I consider it a political proposal and I will take it into account,” the head of state underlined, when asked if Ciolos will remain a good option if proposed.

He explained that a political Prime Minister is one who is clearly assumed by a party or by a coalition of parties, and is not interested if the person in matter has or has not a membership card.

“A political prime minister, in my view, is a prime minister clearly assumed by a party or by a coalition of parties. I’m not interested at all if the person in matter has or has not a membership card. It’s the state’s problem. And the problem between the party and the respective person. The role of the president isn’t to to verify if one paid his contribution. I’m not interested. I’m interested in the political assumption. If a person is politically assumed by a party or by a coalition of parties then that person is a political prime minister,” Klaus Iohannis stated.


PM Ciolos: I don’t see myself involved in governance formula including PSD


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Thursday said that he doesn’t see himself involved in a governance formula including the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and that he doesn’t believe that a National Liberal Party (PNL) – PSD coalition government could work in the coming period.

Asked if he will accept to run a PNL – PSD government in case the Liberals and those with the Save Romania Union (USR) cannot make up a majority, Ciolos replied: “I believe that at present Romania needs a clear government, with a clear direction, one way or the other. I personally, also starting from the experiences of the past, don’t believe such a governance structure could work in the coming period. And, anyhow, I don’t see myself involved in such a structure.”

Ciolos argued that at the moment he believes that “this type of compromises are not needed, but a clear commitment.”

“I believe it is important for those who are now coming to the campaign many times with antagonising stands to show that they can also build, not only oppose the others. (…) I rule out my involvement in a big coalition government that would not have a clear reform direction. It is important to continue certain reforms, integrated the people’s expectations of governing differently, honestly, transparently, based on professionalism with clear objectives,” Ciolos maintained in an interview to Hotnews.

Asked if he excludes the PSD in a governance formula, Ciolos replied: “I personally don’t see myself involved in such a formula.”

The Prime Minister also said that he will not join any party after the elections only “to have a position.”

“I have never thought of that and I will not join a party for the sake of it. I must feel this affiliation to a group, to a structure that has certain objectives, it is an instrument meant to help me fulfill some objectives by other people’s side. But I will not do this to have a position,” Dacian Ciolos added.

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