Traian Basescu: Iohannis and Kovesi will impose Dacian Ciolos as PM if PSD wins the elections

Traian Basescu attacks Dacian Ciolos once again, arguing that, although several ministers in his Government either were removed by simple motions in Parliament, or they were accused of irregularities in their activity, they continue to govern unimpeded. Moreover, the Romania 100 Platform will be supported by Klaus Iohannis and Laura Codruta Kovesi to keep Dacian Ciolos in the PM position, according to the former President of the country.

Traian Basescu lists a series of failures of the Ciolos Government, which remained unpunished by resignations or replacements from office. In this scenario, the former President sees a support which Dacian Ciolos will receive from Klaus Iohannis and DNA in order to obtain the position of the Prime-Minister also after the elections of December 11.

“In Romania, the SF movie ‘Ciolos’s Honesty’ is running on screens!”

A simple motion against the Minister of Agriculture, Achim Irimescu, for not paying on time the grants to the farmers. The motion is adopted by the Parliament, but “the honest” Ciolos decides that the Minister stays in the Government.

A simple motion against the Justice Minister Raluca Pruna. The motion is adopted by the Parliament, but “the honest” Ciolos decides that Raluca Pruna (who lied at ECHR, and for whom the fundamental rights are a caprice, and who didn’t answered publically until today if she was hired by a secret service) stays in the Government.

The Energy Minister, Victor Vlad Grigorescu, suspected of money laundry through a pirate website, is maintained in the Government by “the honest” Dacian Ciolos.

The Health Minister, Vlad Voiculescu, having family members strongly involved in the medicines market and with a large number of people from the same market brought in the Ministry, is maintained in the office by “the honest” Dacian Ciolos.

The Economy Minister, Costin Borc, is simply mocking the Romanian food producers at the SIAL exhibition in Paris, or at the tourism fair in Dubai. For the “honest” Ciolos there is no problem to humiliate the Romanian companies, the Minister is proper to have this position.

The procurement through public subscription of Brancusi’s work “Wisdom of the Earth”, used by “the honest” Ciolos for his own popularity, was a major failure which the honest propagandist at the Victoria Palace labeled, of course, because his “honesty”, as a success.

“Honesty” also makes Ciolos to spread the Ministers and Secretaries of State in several parties, since the information related to the “ambiance” created by him must be known before the elections, during the elections and especially right after the elections (Brussels style, that’s it).

Moreover, since “honesty” has to have a ridge, what do you think that “the honest” Dacian Ciolos does? Well, he designs a politically neutral platform, which can be adopted by any party, with 10 principles alternatively gathered from the platforms of the EPP and the European Socialists, he publishes it, he announces that he will not attend to the elections and he waits to see who wins. If Liberals win, poor Alinuta will make him a PM, if PSD wins, Iohannis and Codruta will manage to convince Dragnea that the platform of principles designed by “the honest” Dacian Ciolos is equally good for socialists, but it could implemented only by a “honest” person like Dacian Ciolos, reinstalled at the Victoria Palace.

PS – I don’t want to talk today about the honesty of appointing and reshuffling the 9 ministers in only 9 months of government”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.



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