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February 3, 2023

Daniel Truica, Vola.ro: There are cities in Romania to which is more convenient to travel by plane than by train

* In the last year, the demand for the domestic flights increased by 200%


According to an Vola.ro analysis, the demand for flights on the domestic routes has increased in the last year by about 200%. This is due mainly to the increase in the number of flights on the domestic routes, the occurrence of the low cost flights between some cities in Romania and the increasing number of Romanians participating in events organized in the country. According to the Vola.ro estimations, there are already cities in Romania to which is more advantageous a travel by air than by train.


Cluj-Napoca, the new star of the domestic flights


Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi are the most popular domestic destinations, departing from Bucharest. If until three years ago, Timisoara has undoubtedly led to this chapter, especially due to the Carpatair hub from there, in the last 3 years, Cluj-Napoca, as a destination, increased both in number of flights and the demand from tourists. In the case of Cluj, an essential role was played by the events hosted by this city, of which the most noted was Untold, during which the most flights departing from Bucharest to Cluj were full.

The price of a ticket on a domestic route starts from 17 euro (round trip ticket on the route Bucharest – Cluj-Napoca) and can go up to 195 euros (Bucharest-Oradea).


Flights from 17 euros to the major cities in Romania


Strengthening the competition on the domestic routes attracted the falling prices of air tickets too. Thus, we can now talk about prices by up to 90% lower than the charged rates five years ago, at the air tickets for domestic routes.

Due to lower prices of air tickets, most requests for the domestic routes came this year in August and September, and the less requested month was February, the tourists preferring the departures made in the first part of the day, until 13:00 and the late returns, after 17:00.

If in the case of flights to destinations outside the country, the tourists usually try to book as early as possible, with an average of 6 weeks prior to the departure, in the case of the plane tickets to domestic destinations, the most reservations are made in the same month of the date of the departure, even with a week before departure.

“It is obvious the change regarding domestic flight routes. Unlike three years ago, the domestic flights are no longer accessible only to the businessmen and those traveling on business. The domestic flights are now chosen by the young people who go to visit their parents, who go to events and festivals, by couples or groups of friends who go to a city break in the country” , said Daniel Truică, CEO Vola.ro .


Twice as many available seats on the domestic flights than 5 years ago


If five years ago, the domestic flights operators cumulated 2000 seats per week, today, the four operators that are performing domestic flights, make available weekly between 3000 and 4000 seats departing from Bucharest to Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara.

The main operator on the domestic routes is Tarom, followed by Blue Air and Wizz Air. Ryanair is the newest company that operates domestic flights in Romania, with high growth prospects particularly to Timisoara. From 1 November, the Ryanair company will operate 14 weekly flights on the route Bucharest – Timisoara.

While the domestic flights Tarom are made with ATR 42/72 aircraft of maximum 68 seats, the low-cost companies, Ryanair, Wizz Air and Blue Air, operate with  Boeing or Airbus aircraft with over 140 seats.


About Vola.ro


Vola.ro is the largest online travel agency in Romania, having, since its foundation, an explosive dynamics, both in terms of turnover and of number of employees and customers. Vola.ro serves the individuals or the companies, offering comprehensive service of tourism: flights, hotels booking, city breaks, holidays, travels,  medical insurances, and rent-a-car services.

Also, Vola.ro is the first company in Romania that was ranked the first for three consecutive years in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 top in Central Europe. In 2015, Vola Romania had a turnover of about 42.47 million euros, recording an increase of 54% compared to 2014, and at group level, the turnover was 63.25 million euros.

Last year, Vola.ro received an investment of 5 million euros from 3TS Capital Partners, the same fund that invested in Romania in Elefant.ro, InternetCorp, Zoot and Vector Watch.



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