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October 26, 2021

President Iohannis: I haven’t accused the Orthodox Church in regards to changing the Constitution on the family matter; I drew attention on several possible dangers

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that he hadn’t accused the Orthodox Church or the Pentecostal Church, but only drew attention upon several dangers in regards to changing the Constitution on the family matter.

“I believe that the way some people already interpreted my statements reveals clearly the conciliation need, the necessity of social peace in Romania. I haven’t accused anyone and I didn’t mean to accuse the Orthodox Church or the Pentecostal Church, and didn’t plan on doing it, I only drew attention upon several possible dangers,” Iohannis stated.

He pointed out that the representatives of the Family Coalition have the right to the petition, stating that their demarche is legal.

“They have the right to the petition. Their demarche is legal, constitutional, is hasn’t been placed under question mark at any time. The discussion went in a direction that probably would satisfy several interests. I don’t assume these interpretations. I want a calm, honest discussion,” the head of state said.


US Ambassador Klemm: I entirely agree with President Iohannis’ statement on marriage between people of same gender


US Ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm stated on Friday in Oradea that he was impressed by the statement made by President Iohannis in regards to the marriage between people of the same gender.

When asked, in a press briefing, what is his opinion about the marriage between people of the same gender, the US Ambassador in Bucharest responded that “the subject is sensitive.”

“It’s a sensitive subject for all societies. In the United States, a while ago, the Supreme Court decided that this thing is allowed in the USA. I was impressed with the statement made by President Iohannis on this matter and I would like to mention the words that he said because I entirely agree with what he stated. However, eventually it’s a decision that the Romanian people make,” Hans Klemm stated.

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday, in regards to the revision of the Constitution on the family matter that the religious fanaticism and ultimatum demands way is wrong.


“Only tolerance as discernment, capitalisation on diversity can counter extremism”


Only tolerance understood as discernment and capitalisation on diversity can counter extremism, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis said in a message on Friday to an international debate on religious education between radicalism and tolerance hosted by Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

According to Iohannis, “radicalism, be it religious or political radicalism, is one of the gravest problems of the world we are living in,” and that is “a negative effect of the lack of knowledge and aversion toward cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.”

In his opinion, there is no progress unless sustainable bonds are built among nations, communities and people.

“The history of the last century has gone down as forever stigmatised by the bad consequences of faith turning into ideologies that in their turn fuelled totalitarian policies. We are witnessing today, unfortunately, conflicts in the recent history that call into question the capacity of the religious and laic areas of communicating, of trying to find a common denominator. Cultivating dialogue in the sense of knowledge and tolerance, of respect for ethnic, religious and cultural diversity becomes all the more urgent. There is no evolving unless we build strong bonds among nations, communities and people and we show the deserving respect to the culture of dialogue and exercise the art of welcoming,” reads the message.

Saying that “denominational diversity as well ethnic diversity are Romania’s riches” and as a man and a politician he ‘cherishes religious spirituality that played a fundamental part in the resistance against totalitarianism,” Iohannis points out that “beliefs and convictions have to be respected as historical components of identities as well as important contributors to our society getting healthy.”

“That is why respecting the liberty and autonomy of religious denominations in relation with the government as well as the government’s neutrality toward all the denominations is in the national interest, and so is the rejection by the denominations of any form of politicisation or radicalisation of their speech as well as of fundamentalism and preaching instead the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect among citizens, irrespective of their opinions and beliefs,” said Iohannis.

In the President’s opinion, “school is par excellence the place where people learn what dialogue, tolerance, acceptance of diversity as a factor of human development and progress are.”

“The commitments pledged under the ‘Educated Romania’ national project are designed to inspire and support the long-term development of Romania’s education system. All the citizens of Romania, irrespective of ethnic or religious backgrounds, have an equal right to education for a better life,” said Iohannis.

He added that, “although global society is defined rather in terms of secularism, the increasing part of spirituality and religion on the world stages as well as at the level of local communities is an undeniable reality.”

“There is a significant tradition of harmonious coexistence in Romania among communities of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. I am inviting you to deepen it and develop it by your speeches to this international conference; let us develop it in our daily lives as a precious heritage that we have to bequeath to our children,” Iohannis said in a message read out by his adviser Sergiu Nistor to the conference on religious education between radicalism and tolerance.



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