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March 5, 2021

Marian Munteanu threatens to sue all those stating he collaborated with the Securitate

Former students’ leader Marian Munteanu announced on Saturday he will file “civil and criminal lawsuits” against all those who have stated that he collaborated with the Securitate, placing the emphasis on the politicians among them.

“I am not intimidated by some propagandists’ attempts to spread falsehoods, lies and calumnies in our public life. I am talking about the small chatter surrounding the CNSAS verdict which very clearly showed I did not collaborate with the Securitate, and if anyone imagines they will be successful by waving around some small pieces of paper and invoking some so-called graphological analysis carried out on microfilms, they are very seriously mistaken,” Marian Munteanu stated in Bucharest’s University Square.

He claimed he will file civil and criminal lawsuits against those “at odds with the law and common sense,” “the mischief-makers” who “waved around an odious manipulation,” “small pieces of papers forged in April 1990 in order to stop the youth’s biggest protest march.”

“I already have a few persons in mind. Until now I had decided not to sue journalists. Many of them built television stations in Romania because we stayed here (in University Square – editor’s note) and fought. This time, after so much abjection, I’ll do it. We have already resorted to court action against the following citizens: Macovei Monica, Manolescu Nicolae, Cernea, politicians for now. But after politicians there is a so-called journalist – Cristian Tudor Popescu, Andrei Cornea, Stelian Tanase, Victor Bostinaru, PSD MP. Apart from this bouquet of thistles, I’m preparing [court] actions against all those who lied, falsified or presented as correct and accurate unverified documents and, more so, impossible to verify documents. The court action, the action at the Prosecutor’s Office, will start on Monday, because things can no longer go on as before,” Munteanu announced.

However, he added that he will drop his lawsuits if the journalists present their apologies, an offer that he will not extend to the politicians.


CNSAS: Marian Munteanu was the informer “Ioan,” received money and snitched on foreign nationals but did not collaborate with the Securitate


Marian Munteanu did not collaborate with the Securitate, the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS) has ruled. The ruling has been posted on the institution’s website.

Marian Munteanu was recruited by the Securitate in 1988. He signed a pledge, received the codename “Ioan,” money (500 Lei), and wrote reports about the target assigned to him: a Portuguese professor who was teaching at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the CNSAS report shows.

Marian Munteanu wrote reports about the Portuguese professor. In it, he detailed his schedule, presented a brief resume and talked about the professor’s political beliefs. He signed the reports with his codename “Ioan.” He also wrote about the Portuguese professor’s meetings with students, the parties he took part in, about the relations that existed between those monitored.

In 1989, when the professor left Romania, Marian Munteanu’s collaboration with the Securitate ceased. Munteanu had become a member of the communist party, according to the CNSAS.

Then, in 1989, he became the target of the Securitate in an attempt to persuade him to leave the entourage of Petre Tutea. He and other young students were taking care of Petre Tutea and helping him transcribe his philosophical works. The Securitate claimed the young students were influenced by Tutea’s fascist and anti-communist ideas. He was summoned at the Securitate and asked to give statements on this topic.

In brief, these are the documents on whose basis CNSAS has issued its ruling that he did not collaborate with the Securitate. CNSAS has also explained its decision by referring to the law and the interpretation that should be given to the notion of Securitate collaborator.

According to the law – Article 2, Paragraph 2 of Government emergency ordinance no.24/2008 -, a Securitate collaborator is “the person who provided intelligence, regardless of its form, such as notes, written reports or verbal statements registered by Securitate employees, on activities and attitudes that ran contrary to the communist totalitarian regime, with the goal of curtailing fundamental human rights and liberties.”

The two conditions – for the intelligence provided to concern activities that ran contrary to the communist regime and to seek the curtailment of human rights – must be met cumulatively, the CNSAS points out. But, according to the CNSAS, the notes that student Marian Munteanu provided to the Securitate meet only the second condition concerning the curtailment of human rights, not the one concerning the denouncing of attitudes hostile to the communist regime. Consequently, CNSAS has ruled that Marian Munteanu did not collaborate with the Securitate.

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