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May 17, 2021

PM Ciolos: Number of Romanian servicemen in KFOR to increase in 2017

Prime Minister Dacian Cilos announced on Friday that in 2017 the number or Romanian servicemen who will participate in the Kosovo Force (KFOR) in Kosovo will increase, but it won’t reach the level in the past.

“It’s true that in the past years the presence reduced also because the complexity degree of the missions here diminished a little. (…) For the next year, following the demands that we have received our presence here will increase a little, but it definitely won’t reach the level recorded in the past,” stated Ciolos, who  has conducted a visit to servicemen deployed in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina , accompanied by the Minister of National Defence Mihnea Motoc.

Currently there are 56 Romanian servicemen deployed to Kosovo’s theater of operations within the KFOR mission, under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) aegis.

The KFOR mission is aimed at ensuring a safe and stable security environment in this region.

According to the National Defence Ministry, the general security situation in Kosovo is maintaining relatively calm, but fragile and there is a risk of isolated incidents.


“Western Balkans have strategic importance to Romania; We want things to evolve well in this area”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos while paying a visit to Romanian militaries in Bosnia, conveyed them that the region in which they are has a strategic importance for our country and that Romania is interested in a good evolution in the Western Balkans.

“Your mission is very important because for Romania, the evolution in the West Balkans is a very important one. We are watching very carefully what is happening in our area of strict vicinity. It’s a part of Europe and we have the direct interest that things evolve well here,” Ciolos stated.

He added that the presence of the Romanian militaries in Bosnia within the European Union Force (EUFOR) mission is important not only because Romania can contribute to peace keeping in the region, but also because the Romanians, through their cultural and historic particularity, enjoy the trust of the locals.

He stated that it is in Romania’s interest that the West Balkans approach the European Union and therefore it’s essential for our country to participate in building peace and improving the economy of these states.

Romania is participating with 40 servicemen to the EUFOR mission in Bosnia, alongside 20 states, among which 15 are members of the EU.

During his visit to Camp Butmir Base, Ciolos discussed with Romanian militaries and laid a wreath at the monument built to the memory of Second Lieutenant Remus Branzan, who died on the line of duty in Bosnia in 1996.


“I heard only appreciation regarding professionalism of Romanian servicemen deployed in Sarajevo and Pristina”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said that he has heard, on Friday, only words of appreciation regarding the professionalism of the Romanian servicemen deployed in Sarajevo and Pristina.

“I have heard today only words of appreciation regarding Romanian servicemen on mission in Sarajevo and Pristina from the EUFOR, NATO and KFOR commanders in regards to the professional manner in which they perform their missions in the Western Balkans and the excellent impression they leave with colleagues from other countries with which they collaborate. I visited them around the Day of the Romanian Army with the thought that, when making decisions, you must know not only the content of reports on missions but also the perspectives on the ground. I thanked them and assured them of the support they have at home because I consider we owe them for the consistent contribution of past years to the good reputation Romania has as a state that is more and more present as a security provider in the area and around the world,” said Prime Minister Ciolos, on Friday evening, on Facebook.


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