Rally for the traditional family in Oradea: A referendum was requested on this issue. Bodnariu family was present to the event

More than 8,000 people have participated on Saturday, in the Unirii Square from Oradea, in a rally organized by the Coalition for the Family, in order to request the amendment of the Constitution, so that marriage could be possible only between a woman and a man, as well as to request a referendum on this issue.

Participants in the rally gathered on Saturday, around 11.00 a,, in the Unirii Square from Oradea, bearing banners with the message “3 million voices! A normal shout meant to protect normality”, as well as tricolor ribbons on their arms.

The organizers of the event stated that the amendment of the rt.48 of the Constitution was requested, so that the family should be defined according to the wording: “Family relies on the freely consented marriage between a man and a woman, on their equality and on the right and duty of the parents to ensure children’s growth, education and training”.

“We are not here because we are fighting against someone. We respect the freedom given by God to the man through creation. But we believe that freedom which is not doubled by responsibility brings anarchy with it. We’re here because we all believe and confess that God provided the Creation with powerful, stable laws right from the beginning; the laws that God placed in the Creation begin in Heaven, where God created Adam and offered Eve to him”, said the Orthodox bishop of Oradea, Sofronie.

“Let there be a day when we are not afraid to admit our faults, without minimizing the dignity with which each of us was vested by his/her nature. Let’s indicate the truth built in us, which is not negotiable. There are things that don’t start from us, they are eternal, irreplaceable, exceeding our competence. It’s the smile of a mother and her warm embrace. It’s the father’s arm which provides safety. And there is also the child, who is an extension of what I am, and yet he is unique in what he/she is. There are things we acknowledge and respect. The circumstances in which we came here today require our presence. We didn’t come to fight against someone. We came to say that sun is shining above the clouds even now. We came to say that we like to stay in the light, and not in the dark”, stated the Roman-Catholic Bishop of Oradea, László Böcskei.

Participants in the rally also requested a national referendum to be organized, with the elections of December 11, on the family issue.



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