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April 23, 2021

Calin Popescu Tariceanu criticises Iohannis again, accuses him of breaking Constitution

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu once again reproached President Klaus Iohannis with allegedly breaking the Constitution because of his desire to nominate incumbent Premier Dacian Ciolos for another stint in office.

The ALDE Co-President reacted on Saturday to statements the President made on Friday.

“Not at all surprising following the multiple infringements of the Constitution seen lately, President Iohannis has stated that after the elections, instead of holding consultations, he will negotiate the majority he wants: ‘we will negotiate, we will discuss and we will see who has a majority.’ It’s no secret for anyone that the so-called negotiations announced by President Iohannis, in fact the imposition of the Presidential will, have to reach the conclusion explicitly and repeatedly announced: Dacian Ciolos, future Premier. The psychological preparation of the future negotiations on the appointment of the Prime Minister, namely the intimidation of the opponents to the President’s plan, through actions materialised in criminal cases less than or not at all justified, has been carried out by the DNA for some time now. Those who do not accept the majority and Premier preferred by President Iohannis are left with difficult to accept options: harassment through courts, pre-trial arrest, ruined image and political career and, possibly, the temporary loss of freedom,” Tariceanu claimed.

In his opinion, the President’s statements are equivalent to an announcement that he will go beyond his constitutional prerogatives.

“For no one to harbour illusions that he could give up on his arbitrary plan at the so-called negotiations, or that he could take into consideration the programmes of the parties voted by the electorate, which he labelled as “sensitivities,” President Iohannis added: ‘I don’t want a situation in which all kinds of sensitivities appear after the elections to such extent that we would not manage to form a Government.’ On the other hand, the Constitution stipulates that it is the parties’ and Parliament’s prerogative to form the Government, but the President’s use of the plural shows that he will not hesitate to get involved, to go beyond his constitutional prerogatives.”

“With all the respect I owe to the office he holds, I publicly warn President Iohannis he has set out on a very dangerous course and that by repeatedly breaking the Constitution he takes on a great personal responsibility,” the Senate Speaker concluded.

Present in Brussels on Friday, President Klaus Iohannis stated that the Liberals – a historic party – should keep all options open, an attitude he recommends to non-historic parties too, which should show up with “realistic expectations” at the negotiations on the future Government.

“I don’t see that (the fact that PNL does not have its own candidate for the PM’s office – editor’s note) as a problem. PSD doesn’t have one either, nor do others. These are parliamentary, not governmental elections, the Government is not the one being elected, Parliament is. (…) As a historic party you should keep all options open after the elections too, when you know what instruments are at your disposal, to pick the best course. The same thing is recommendable to non-historic parties. This approach is generally healthy – to know what you rely on and to enter negotiations with realistic expectations,” Iohannis said.

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